Yep...I'm a bit further along...had a couple of lovely hours yesterday sitting at the gallery and greeting visitors while beading and the sun was shining on the pacific and it was so beautiful if you like sun on blue water...and I do!
It's back to overcast this morning...no clue yet what the afternoon will bring, except for a friend who is flying back home from san francisco.
welcome home, kris!


Carol said...

Lucky you! That must be why you call your blog Beading at the Beach!

Sorry its overcast today. Hope tomorrow brings the sun back!
xx, Carol

freebird said...

You are sure busy this month. Beading, shows and summer is fun to take time to get outside for. Your June BJP is looking really nice so far. I like how the birds ended up being surrounded by heart shapes.

Pat said...

Always exciting to greet an "old" friend. Do enjoy your reunion.
Like the Hand!