Two Starts

I started a small brooch yesterday and the june bjp today....a little early for the bjp, but what the heck...
Delivered two pieces to the itty bitty show yesterday, so that's done and nothing else to do except attend the opening on the 4th...
I understand this is being called the coldest, wettest May we've ever had in Oregon...but I haven't seen it confirmed yet.


Itty Bitty Ready

to go on thursday (decided to title this one, Free)....today I'll get back to work on primavera and start thinking about the june BJP...


Weekend Play

I'm still trying to find a book form I can do easily, since I'm looking for something I can alternate with beading, so I don't spend quite so many hours with a needle in my hand. I do love digital photography, but I also wanted to find something interesting to do indoors when it's raining, which it does quite a lot of in oregon, lol!
So I was looking at the book on handmade books published by penland ( a wonderful fine craft school in the east) and found a tutorial on hedi kyle's blizzard book which I tried. I found it way more work than I was willing to put into it and too hard on my hands as well, since there is a lot of heavy folding with the bone folder involved. So then I went in another direction and am working on a bottlecap book....have punched out the "pages" and they're sitting in the bottlecap while I decide how to "bind" them....fun, but probably another route I won't be traveling too far on.
Then I was looking at some of chad alice hagen's felt brooches and thought it might be fun to do my own take on them, so I crocheted some of my multi-colored wool into a small rectangle and will be working on felting it....but that's another route that takes a lot of physical effort so I'll have to see if I'm up to it.
Still...it's nice to try different things sometimes and take a mental and physical break from my bead embroidery.
And while I was cleaning out a cubby in the studio I came across some very old bits and pieces of my beadwork that were done when I was in the early days of making jewelry with beadweaving, mostly using the peyote stitch. It reminded me that it's been a long road getting to where I am with the beading and how long it took me to get the skills that now let me focus more on meaning and soul and not so much on craftsmanship and technique. A long and happy road and I wish the same for each of you...work you love to do, in a place you love, surrounded by friends and family you love...


Itty Bitty

Started the piece for the exhibit with a tiny cloisonne dragon, along with vintage nailheads and the beautiful new metallic charlottes...they're good to work with and feel silky while you're handling them...


May BJP Finished

Although it's an overcast day, I still can't seem to get the colors just right...they are closer to the unframed shot than the framed one. Maybe on the next sunny day I can get closer to the actual colors in this piece.
For the background on the pieces I've chosen and why, see my May 4th post.

Edited to add...the sun came out and you can see the difference!


Slow Motion

Since I'm just using the tiny charlottes for this hand it feels a bit like I'm working in slow motion...slow cloth, indeed!


Decisions, Decisions...

I think I'm going to be submitting one of my hand pin/pendants for the exhibit, but can't decide which one...anyone have any preferences?


Itty Bitty Invitational

I'm hoping to have a couple of pieces in this show next month...it's a co-op gallery and I'm not a member, but for the invitational, non-members are invited to exhibit.
I'm thinking I'll put in one of my hand pin/pendants and one of my hand mixed media pieces framed.


Happy Mother's Day

Hope you are all having a wonderful Mother's Day!


April BJP Finished

April bjp finally matted and framed...nothing today for cinco de mayo except it's chuck's 22nd anniversary of quitting smoking so we're going to the valley to celebrate and have lunch with an old friend.


Singing to the Moon

I was reading through my animal spirit cards and read that in some of the NW tribes the wolf is considered a healer as well as a creator...so this month she is singing a healing song to the moon to keep me healthy...the moon is carnelian which to some ancient people represented energy and healing, so I've got a double dose this month.
I'll start beading on thursday since we have a trip to the valley planned for tomorrow.

Edited to add...the artwork on the animal spirit cards is done by Susan Seddon Boulet.


Not My Usual

I generally don't write about religion, sex or politics, mainly because this blog is about my creative life and the artwork I do with just occasional forays into my personal life.
I do, however, read blogs about all of the above and last month I read a post by mary scriver aka prariemary that was just so full of common sense (which is unbelievably rare, as it turns out) that I wanted to link to it. Mary gave her permission, so here it is, Do as I Say, Not as I Do, an amusing and sensible post that I wish I had written about some of the non-sense that current political life seems to inflict on it's practitioners.


Two Finished

At 10 last night I finally finished the book...I thought I could wait until this morning to do it, but it kept at me until I found the perfect closure, especially given my affinity for hands!
I also redid the spine of the first book and I'm much happier with it.
Now to decide what to use them for...