Totem animals
are being discussed on robin atkin's bead blog, beadlust, and it reminded me of one of my earlier bead embroidery pieces...it was a study in mostly whites and it had a small MOP button and bear and I called it, Land of the Midnight Sun or Polar Bear's Journey...robin also did a post on polar bears which is what brought this to mind in the first place...now I've dug it out I think I'll see if it can finally be finished!


Not Quite Dones

A few small things I've been working on that are in various stages of done/undone...


another amulet done...

This has been a fun challenge for me...thanks so much!



The Amulet is done...
I managed to make a couple of tiny wire attachments and then beaded the edge of the back opening....the bag is two layers of ultrasuede, beaded together along the edge. The necklace has small clasps on both ends of the softflex, so I can use it for several pieces in that color grouping...


Picture This

Just a shot of my workspace
to keep me encouraged while I continue my battle with carpal tunnel and keep my mother entertained (she's visiting from Washington)...in the meantime I'll be checking out all my favorite bead blogs...thanks to you all (and you know who you are...).



Mostly Done
Just have to add the necklace...usually I do that before I add the edging, but I thought I'd try it the other way around this time...


Still Amulet

Ready to finish...
The beading on the front is done...there is a small carnelian asian figure, a swarovski flower crystal, some vintage beads and bugles and a few 3mm nailheads have joined the carnelian, amethyst, green garnet and yellow jade bits...the dark purple she's lying on is the ultrasuede I'll be making her backing and pouch from...



Guardian Spirit Amulet Bag
Here is the beginning of my amulet bag...she has a bone face cab that I've bezeled with charlottes and 3 cuts...embellished with tiny carnelian ovals, green garnet faceted drops and amethyst cubes...the cotton fabric I'm beading on has the same colors as the gemstones, lavender, orange and mossy green...


August Challenge

About Face...
I've just hit a brick wall with the tortoishell piece, so I'm putting it aside until inspiration strikes...in the meantime, there's an august challenge on this blog....
even with carpal tunnel, I think I can finish a 3x3 amulet bag in a month!