Night Light

Since I'm at home I thought I'd try taking some interior shots...a new direction, mostly, for me....but a welcome return to some form of image making...one of the porch lights shining through one of the stained glass windows with just has clear glass (is it still called stained glass, I wonder?)...


Spring Currents

I've been patiently watching the signs of Spring coming to the back garden....we only have a small window in the house that overlooks the front, so the show is all in the rear. The willows and alders are usually first but the forsythia pretty much beat out everyone this year. Lovely to see the splashes of yellow...the gardener walks around on the other side of the park so he can see our yard from the back too....he's trying to be patient and perusing the garden catalogs helps a lot. I'm not up to walking out back, so I'm sorry I have no photo to share. Maybe in a week to two...

I've been gathering all the decorating and architectural magazines that a friend passes on to me. I must have been busy with other things last year so I've had quite a lot to go through and I've almost read them from cover to cover before recycling them.

Thank you all so much for the prayers and positive vibes you are sending....I believe they are making a substantial impact on my healing and I certainly feel the love and compassion around me.

Bless you all....


Another Update

Thanks for all your kind and concerned comments....my radiation treatments ended wednesday and yesterday I had some lab work done here in our hospital, so the 120 miles round trips have thankfull ended for the time being.
I understand it will take several weeks to see some major improvements but hopefully in a couple of weeks I may see some small gains.

I'm dreaming of pieces I'd like to do but will settle right now for keeping the blog updated on a more regular basis now that I''m home!
Bless you all and do count your blessings....I know I sure am counting mine!

Just thought I'd add a picture of my two little furry companions who have been keeping me warm and entertained...the every-gorgeous sumi and the zippy oliver.