Here's Summer

(or have I said that before, lol?)

Two days of warm temps and sunshine (and mosquitoes, ack!) and we're all convinced that summer has finally arrived. Since we're "coasties", we like the wind that keeps the temps moderate, as long as it doesn't blow hard enough to throw sand in your face!
I haven't been able to sit long enough to get much of anything done, so I drove up to the lighthouse yesterday and took some photos...it really was a perfect day.


Penny said...

What a gorgeous picture. I envy you the ocean but can almost smell it and feel the salty air looking at this picture.

lilylovekin said...

Lovely light house picture. We are having a hot day here and I love it. Enjoy your nice weather well it last.

Carol said...

This is a CRAZY summer regarding the weather. We have had rain almost everyday and we had 3 days of the last 5 with severe weather. One night there were 5 tornados touch down in the area. My flowers are growing so fast that some that are supposed to be 3 fee high are 6'. I weed and by the time another sunny day comes, I have to re-weed in the same spot. We will probably be crying for rain later in the year.

Hope you get a sunny one today!!
xx, Carol

abeadlady said...

Had to save this one, Bobbi. It's gorgeous! It was 79 degrees at 4am here this morning. Supposed to be 101 today. Too D*** hot for me.

Pat said...

That photo is "picture postcard perfect". It is beautiful! I hope you enjoyed yourself!

Pursuing Art... said...

LOL...well, one day we think it's officially here and then - - -crazy weather!

I got my first mosquito bite last evening though...darn things!

Picture perfect is right...glorious photo and glorious day!!!