Butterfly Girl

I've finished all the beading on my butterfly girl...now just have to figure out what to use for her necklace...I have 3 tiny links on either side but the holes are fairly small so I'm not sure what will fit through them.
My sumi cat has an abcess, so we're trying to give her antibiotics in her food...she fell for it last night but this morning won't touch it at all (and it's canned food, which she usually loves). Anyone have any great ideas of how to fool a cat into eating this stuff? (you can see that determined look on her face a lot...as independent as cats are in general, I think sumi is probably the most independent of all our cats....some might even call it stubborn, lol!)


Here's Summer

(or have I said that before, lol?)

Two days of warm temps and sunshine (and mosquitoes, ack!) and we're all convinced that summer has finally arrived. Since we're "coasties", we like the wind that keeps the temps moderate, as long as it doesn't blow hard enough to throw sand in your face!
I haven't been able to sit long enough to get much of anything done, so I drove up to the lighthouse yesterday and took some photos...it really was a perfect day.


A Return to a WIP

A while ago I mentioned some wip's that were beginning to bug me and this morning, I took a step toward finishing one of them...yay!
Haven't quite decided yet whether this is going to be a pendant or part of a larger wall piece or something else entirely, but the beading is done, except for the edging.



A new season, summer....a new language, spanish...and I just couldn't let go of this fabric, it's so perfect for my summer piece....has the blues of sky and water and the greens of plants and all the other beautiful colors of flowers and fruits.
Today is a lovely sunny summer day, as was yesterday when I sat on the deck of a bayfront restaurant with old friends and enjoyed the company and the view and the warm, warm wind!
Welcome Verano!


Ends and Beginnings

I finished my june bead journal today and framed it...the bear track reminds me to stay strong and focused and the birds to take it easy and just let the wind lift me...and to soar freely. Hearts, as almost always to help me remember the love I have for all the family and friends who are with me whether they're "here" or not.

I'm also going to be starting the summer piece to go along with primavera, (happy solstice!) and will be changing my phone from qwest to charter, which is my ISP. Qwest just kept charging too much for minimal service and charter said we can keep our old phone number, so it was a simple decision to make. I'll also be speeding up my internet connection, not that I was unhappy with my original speed, but I'm curious to see if this improves my netflix service.

Saw the sun briefly earlier this morning and hope it comes back this afternoon in time for a meet with my best buds here at the coast.

A new header for the solstice, hope you're all having a lovely one and if you're not, I hope you've got shelter anyway!



Yep...I'm a bit further along...had a couple of lovely hours yesterday sitting at the gallery and greeting visitors while beading and the sun was shining on the pacific and it was so beautiful if you like sun on blue water...and I do!
It's back to overcast this morning...no clue yet what the afternoon will bring, except for a friend who is flying back home from san francisco.
welcome home, kris!



I've gotten a bit further on this bead journal but I've also been reading a lot the last few days...more than my usual anyway. If anyone is interested in mysteries, I've just been introduced by some friends to the mother/daughter writing team of P. J. Tracy who write the Monkeewrench series which are by far the best mysteries I've read in a long time. I read the first one without stopping, put a hold on the second one and read the third one all in one day. I also had the 4th one and had to speak very sharply to myself to keep from starting in on it last night, lol! There are only 5 of them as far as I know, but oh my, if the last three are as good as the first two I read...wow!


and Today....

so I've started the june bjp and speaking of bears...a silver and amethyst bear track to begin with.


Summer is here today...

so this morning I went to the farmers' market and bought a double petunia and a filipendula, which I think is called meadowsweet in europe and queen of the forest here...they go with the asarina, red dragon, which I bought last saturday...what can I say? It's that time of the year again...
I also finished the beading on Primavera and completely finished the pin/pendant I've been working on this week.
Today was graduation day for our high school seniors, so around 10 pm all the sirens sang around town....police and fire department mostly, I think. I hear them every year but haven't actually seen them....must be great fun for the kids though!


Late Change

I know we're almost a third of the way through june, but this month's bjp still isn't talking to me so I'm considering abandoning it and starting over with new fabrics. The first one may more closely express my depression this month, but the second one is where I'm striving to be...every day seems to be a struggle and some days I get the bear and some days he gets me.
The weather is back to overcast and wet and I'm beginning to wonder how the berries and tomatoes will do this year.
In the meantime, we're taking a drive into the valley today to see if a friend can get this wretched virus off my desktop PC...I tried but it's beyond me and at this point I'd just as soon drop the CPU off the nearest bridge, but saner heads prevailed, and I do like visiting, and maybe I'll be a bit cheerier by the time we return.



Had a great time at the openings last night....great turnout for all the exhibits and a number of the artists were there for each show, including a wonderful artist with a 3-day old baby. Wow, that gal is a trouper and a fine artist (her website it here)!
The weather has changed again and we had sunny skies yesterday and today, so the farmer's market was crowded (yay!) and we even had a marathon running through town and up the bay road this morning....yep...summer is here and there's more to do and see than there is time for.
Here's our sumi in the back garden this morning and just a few of the zillions of greens back there too.


Whole Lotta Art

I've spent the last few afternoons at our local visual arts center helping to get the galleries ready for our June shows and I'll be there tomorrow afternoon too and then at the opening receptions in the evening....
I know most of you aren't in the area, but for anyone who is, or who will be sometime in the next two months (the glass show is a two-month exhibit), we've got a great glass show going in our larger gallery...
Here's a link to the show of 6 artists if you're interested...the torso on the right is by Dutch Schultz and you can see it and more on his website here.

I'll also be at the opening reception for the Itty Bitty show, which is luckily just a couple of blocks from the arts center, so I can even walk from one to the other...it's going to be a fun evening and I even had my hair trimmed (not cut, since I'm actually growing it longer again) and will be wearing my own jewelry and even talking about it, which is really difficult for me but it's the price you pay for putting your work out into the world, lol!
Next week I'll be back to posting photos of my works in progress, along with the occasional home or area photo. It's supposed to keep raining, so maybe I'll take a couple of photos of the zillion shades of green around here...fair trade-off for the weather.


Hello Summer?

Well, not so much, although it has been a bit warmer...not enough to bead on the porch, but overcast enough to encourage working inside. I've been beading in the morning while watching a movie or TV episode on the computer and then doing outside work in the afternoon. Today we start doing the signage at the visual arts center for their new exhibits, both focused on glass this month.
So a little progress, but it will be slow this week.

Edited 6/2 to add: info on a local show I have two pieces in...and I just found out I won a Judge's Ribbon for my wall piece entitled , Free.

Itty Bitty Invitational Art Show

At: For Artsake Gallery
258 NW Coast St. Newport, Oregon 97365

Show Dates: June 1st thru June 30th
Artists' Reception Open House: Friday, June 4th