Book Number Two

I'm almost done with the second book from the class I took...again, all finished except for the closure. I cut it so the stitching on the pocket piece would show even when it's closed. I really like the colors in the end papers too, so I used all six of them, one for each signature. Since this book is done in warm colors and I used gold & copper colored glass beads on the spine, I won't be using another silver colored conch. I've got some books from the library, some I borrowed and a couple of mine I'm going to check for ideas tonight.
Although tomorrow is may 1st, I probably won't be starting my bead journal just yet. There is a quilt show in a neighboring town and the opening of a co-op gallery that some friends are in, so I'll be out and about. If photos are allowed, I'll take some and share tomorrow.



I've got the fabric chosen and cut out for may's bjp and I did some sewing on my second book, finishing the pocket and the inside front cover. I'm going to take a break now and then later fold the signatures for the book but I won't be sewing them in today...too much in one day and I get very sore muscles and can't work for a couple of days....balance and mindfulness are my practices today.



The director of our visual arts center is sweet enough to bring in one of her orchids when it's blooming...isn't it amazing!


Small Leather Journal

I have made a few books in the past, but none with a sewn spine, so this was a wonderful learning experience with a fantastic instructor and absolutely delightful and talented fellow students. I finished my journal except for the fastening and then I just ran out of steam and couldn't make the decision of how to finish it. That's on my agenda for today. Several of the students did finish their journals and the instructor, Patricia Edmonds of Forest Grove and Green Heron Book Arts (she teaches there and they sell kits) had several more examples. It was one of the most fun and well-paced classes I've ever taken and I'm already hoping to take another class from Patricia next year.
So, here is my journal...it has six signatures, each wrapped in decorated papers that we made ourselves and bound with waxed linen thread with (surprise!) bead embellishments!

Well, no sooner did I finish the post when I decided how to finish the book...glad I got up early, lol!

The first set of photos are closer to the actual color (a light teal more than turquoise) of the leather. And blogger (being it's bass-akward self) published the photos backwards...

If this is all too confusing please forgive me...it's early, lol!


Newport Paper Arts Festival XV

I think this is probably my 7th or 8th time at assisting at the NPAF and today I'm taking the fifth class I've taken over the years. It's been interesting watching the classes change over the years from a bit more traditional book arts to a more eclectic blend this year (you can see this year's brochure in pdf format at the bottom of this link). I'm really excited to be taking a class in making a leather-bound book that will have our own decorated paper as well as stitching on the cover...I'll have photos tomorrow, I hope!
It is so wonderful to be around so many happy and excited participants (even a returning artist from England!) and to watch the staff and volunteers at our visual arts center make this happen every year. Well done, everyone!
And the weather has been cooperating...a few sprinkles, but mostly sunny with lovely sunsets.


Still Spring

It's still spring and I'm still working on Primavera...it's the largest single piece I've worked on, I think, and not quite as difficult as I thought it might be...but then, I'm only part way through. By the time it's finished, it's going to weigh a bit more than it does now!


RAW Done

3-D Right Angle Weave (RAW) bracelet finished...it's black on one side with eggshell in the middle and a transparent garnet on the other side....the clasp is two-sided too, so it's all reversible.
You can only see the garnet color in the sunlight...the rest of the time it looks like black on both sides.


Done Except for Framing

Maybe I'll take a day or two off from bead embroidery and see if I can finish a RAW bracelet I've been working on for a month...


April BJP Update

I'm close to being finished here...at least the center hand is done...and as always, click on the photo if you'd like to see it larger.
I think the briolettes that make up the flower are fluorite not amethyst, but I bought them a long time ago and I'm not really sure what they are. The two bees are antique bronze and I have no idea what the bottom stone is...another buy from a long time ago before I started labeling my gemstones. Guess I thought I'd always remember, lol!


A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

It's rather unusual to get so many sunny days in a row in april, so I took off early for some photos around town...and now I'll be outside enjoying the day...maybe a little beading on the porch or maybe beachcombing if the wind keeps down.


April BJP and Oliver

Getting a photo of my bjp was a lot easier than getting one of oliver, lol! Cats are not the easiest of subjects...one reason I so admire the photography of the gal who has the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee blog.
It's actually too hot on the porch, so the kitties and I are sitting outside soaking up the sun...bliss!


Three Little Pendants

Or three little brooches...three inches tall...butterscotch amber and vintage beads on the latest one.


Sunshine and Macrame

We had some unscheduled sunshine yesterday (yeah!) and I was inspired enough to do something I haven't done since the 70's - macrame! I had an idea for a very simple bracelet (since I couldn't remember much about techinques) and it took hardly any time at all...I was tickled. In the 70's I wasn't making bracelets, but big wall hangings with tree branches and driftwood, so it was a big difference in scale for me...good thing since I'm not 20 anymore either and don't have "quite" as much energy as I had then, lol!
I also took a little break and drove over to the the ocean and then out the bay road and took some photos....you can't see them, but there were a lot of geese on the other side of the river...I couldn't see them either, but I could sure hear them! Definitely spring around here!


Spring Weather

One of our favorite outings, especially when we don't have a lot of time, is to drive across town to nye beach and watch the weather come in...it's amazing how fast it can change!
I've picked two photos showing how much it can change in just a few minutes...these two weren't taken on the same day but this kind of change is common at this time of year.


More Primavera

Haven't started stitching on the bjp piece yet but I'm still adding beads to the primavera piece...both pieces need some "storm" imagery since we've been having some great spring storms here lately...lots of rain going sideways!



I've picked this months bjp fabrics to remind me of how lovely our lilacs are this april. Last year we had two small clusters (we think the deer got the rest) so the abundant blooms this year are really exciting! I hope my journal piece this month will express my gratitude for being here to welcome and enjoy another spring.