Happy Halloween Again

I say "again" because chuck & I and several hundred of newport's finest art-lovers welcomed it in at the (sold out) last performance of the Rocky Horror Show at midnight, which lasted till 3am! Whee....haven't been up that late for fun in years!
I really can't adequately describe the actual experience of getting to watch this incredibly talented cast and crew take us to the kinky castle of Frank-n-furter and his crew, but I hear they're working on a DVD and one of our best photographers, Nancy Jane Reid, has posted her photos of the whole process from rehearsals to final night (although last night/this morning's photos aren't up quite yet) and you can get some idea of the production by clicking here.
It was an experience I will never, never forget, that's for sure!

So Happy Halloween again now that I'm up...I'll be at the gallery this afternoon from 3-5 handing out little goodies to all the witches and goblins who visit with their folks for this afternoon's nye beach party. Many of the businesses are open and handing out treats to our kiddies from 3-5, if you're in the area.

I'll be wearing a couple of my mask pins and maybe I can rustle up a masK for myself on my way to work...

Here's to a happy and safe Halloween to all you sweethearts out there.....XOXOXO


Beginning November BJP

Just the fabric today...I have a CT scan coming up next month so I think I'll wait on starting the work on it a bit. Right now all I'm looking at are skulls...halloween, day of the dead and so much more.


Bead Journal Project 2011

YES! There will be a bead journal project next year thanks to a number of bjp members who have volunteered to do the hard work of keeping it going, as robin is stepping back this year from the administrative side of the BJP. She will, however, be joining us in doing the pages, so her lovely presence and great work will still be a part of the BJP!

This LINK is the first announcement and there will be more to come so keep on reading and PLEASE feel free to pass this information on and/or link to the post.

The main thing to remember is that registration starts November 8 and goes to December 8.

Here's what the 2011 graphic will look like....it's one of robin atkin's pages and not only did I want to honor her but the graphic also worked well with the text...hope you all like it.


Whale Watch

We've been watching the whales go south lately...my cameras are too slow to catch their blows but we've seen a lot of them. This is the view from one of my parking places in a local park.
Also finished another small pin/pendant the last couple of days and will probably be doing more this week...


All Done

October's BJP is on the wall, along with the other nine pieces from this year. This is the first set I've framed and I really like how they look, especially since each season of 3 is framed with a different style of frame.
I just sold one of my tiny hand pin/pendants and am working on some more to keep me busy until next month.
I haven't been able to start the larger fall piece, Herbst, yet. Not sure what's jamming up that channel, but will try to just stay open and hope as I'm working on other pieces that a muse will show up for it.
It looks like another beautiful day coming up, so I may drive over to one of the parks and do a bit of van beading...I'm having some back issues this week, but the van seats are very comfortable and as long as I don't move too fast, I'll be fine.
Hope you are all enjoying these lovely days.

p.s. I was going to talk a bit about my choices for this month but it hasn't come to me yet, so maybe later?


Oct. BJP

The beadwork is finished...still have to frame it and talk about the process later...


And Afternoon Again

Indian summer here...I think we were the warmest spot in the state this morning and close to 80 this afternoon...shoot, it didn't get this hot all summer, lol!

And Evening

Sometimes we drive over to one of the parks and watch the sunset...this was last night's...today we visit the beaver creek area and check out a couple of the trails...there may be photos.
I'm nearing the finish line on the october bjp and am really enjoying the different fabrics this month called for.


Lovely Afternoon

Despite a dark and gloomy morning, this afternoon the sun came out and as I was on my way home from a trip down south to a sunday farmers' market, I stopped at the new park at beaver creek...loveliest visitor center I've seen and the view from the deck is wonderful. Next week I may try one of the trails down to the wetlands...I'm so happy our lottery dollars made this park possible!


October BJP

Gallery tags are done so I've had time to finally begin the october journal while gallery sitting today...


Three Finished

The last three (for now) hand pin/pendants are finished and I'm working on the gallery tags and prices.
I tried out our new little heater on the porch yesterday and it worked well, since there was no sun to heat it up. It was certainly a lot brighter out there, with the fiberglass ceiling than inside the house, so it will be a great place to bead on cloudy days this fall.
No jury duty today or monday, just gallery sitting this weekend, so I may finally get this month's bjp started...



It always amazes me when people disclaim their artistic abilities....this was a simple class and I mostly just guided them in the structural aspects of making the cel case and just look at what they all did! Each and every one is a treasure...each and every one is different and I see an artist behind every one...well done students!


At Last

Don't know if you remember, but back in july I was going to be teaching this class at our local gallery but it got cancelled.
This month it was rescheduled and I'll be teaching it this afternoon...I love teaching but am very glad the classes are only two hours long...just about perfect for my energy level and enthusiasm!


Two More

Two more of the small pins finished...both have turtles, one is abalone and one copper. I'm thinking of calling them spirit guardians since my earlier pieces based on the hamsa hand (you can see a few them in one of my flickr sets) were called guardian spirits.
I've been making these small protective amulets since my first diagnosis of breast cancer and they've become even more meaningful to me since the breast cancer metastasized to my bones a couple of years ago. I have sold some of the guardian spirits and I've given some away to folks with cancer or other medical issues.
I'm considering a gallery now, but if that doesn't work out, I think I'll put them in my etsy shop and see if that does.
My thanks to so many of you who have left such kind comments here...they mean a lot to me.

Oh, and one more photo of my sun porch...I know I talk about it a lot but that's because it helps me so much to be out in the light, especially in the darker months which are coming up. But right now we're still having some hot sunny days and I was so excited to find this neat beach umbrella that works with my little table that has a hole in the middle that just fits...and it was just $5 on sale! Woo...that's a red letter day for me!



New month, new banner, more photos of the framed hand pins and later today photos of the fabrics for the fall wall piece (Herbst) and the october bjp...luckily I'm free today, although I'm on jury duty this month. This is the first time I've been called, so I'm a bit excited.

There's a discussion going on at the Bead Journal Project about continuing for a 4th year. Robin Atkins, who began the project in 2007 wants to step down her involvement and we're looking for volunteers for a committee to carry on the BJP for another year. If you're interested in joining, I'll be posting here if we continue....and if you're already a member and are interested in helping out to make this happen for 2011, please comment on one of the BJP blogs!