And yet another class sample

Another bracelet
I think I may have enough bracelets for this summers classes...next week I plan on designing some earrings....for now, I have to make a necklace for the last face, so I can wear her to an artists' dinner I'm going to tomorrow night.



Some older quirkier pieces
I did a few of these pins (and one earring) a couple of years ago...too quirky for most folks as I could not sell them, so I keep them happily with me....I like them a lot.


Class Samples

RAW Bracelet
Didn't quite finish this right angle weave bracelet ....made with true cuts and vintage 4mm nailheads this will be a three sided bracelet when it's done...I'm at the 2/3 mark now...


Another Class Sample

A bracelet done as a class sample for a class I'll be teaching this summer....made with japanese seed beads, czech pressed glass beads and 4mm swarovski crystals....


Faces Again

Still at It
I've got the larger face done except for the necklace....the smaller face is closer to being done and I worked on some beaded beads for class samples for a class I'll be teaching soon...


And More

Getting Closer
It's coming along...a few more decisions to make and it will be ready for whatever final form it's going to take...


Next Day

Another Days Work
Here she is with another afternoons work....still using the charlottes along with some vintage nailheads, vintage MOP ring and a small swarovski flower....

Another face

Faces, Faces, Faces
I seem to be "into" faces this spring....I should mention that the last face was one of diane briegleb's faces and todays face is done by a newport artist....both are fired ceramic faces.
This tiny bit of beading took me all afternoon yesterday....it was done with size 13 charlottes and freshwater pearls....she's the second in my mermaid series....haven't figured out yet if they're going to be wall pieces or to wear....


Making Progress

The face is coming along....just need the finding on the back, the ultrasuede backing and the edging and she's done for the moment....I usually hold off on stringing the necklace for a while later...it's not my favorite part of the piece, so I have to sort of work my way up to it....



The Studio
I wanted to take some pics while it's still in it's pristine stage...the first studio pic is of my work area in the studio....I was mobile beading yesterday (took a few boxes with me to the visual arts center where I gallery-sit on saturdays). The second is part bead storage and part computer stuff, the third one is more bead storage and the fourth is more...and those are all the walls I have...;)
When I first started beading 15 years ago, all my beads fit into a small 15 drawer organizer...like these...I replaced them with the red and yellow organizers.


More Abalone

More Buttons
I got this 3" abalone button the other day and have been pondering just what to do with it....looks like it's going to be the centerpiece of a necklace....I don't usually string beads, but I think I may have to for this piece....we'll see...



Retrofitting the Abalone Bracelet
The toggle clasp just wasn't working with the bracelet, so I replaced it with a small abalone button and 2 bead loop....
Studio is done, so I can get back to work tomorrow....


Studio Revamp

Haven't done any beading in a couple of days as I'm rearranging the studio....trying to take advantage of the natural light and get some of the older beads out of the bead dungeon they were in....I'll be back soon with some more finished work.


Another UFO Finished

Guardian Spirit and Cases
I finished the little lavender and salmon guardian spirit yesterday ...she has a lot of abalone and pearl on her and is appliqued in both size 13 charlottes and size 11 true cuts along with a little bit of lavender opal-colored vintage seed beads I picked up years ago....

I thought I'd also put up a pic of my scissors and scoop cases that I beaded a couple of years ago....they've both got black pearl buttons, vintage silver nailheads and some fantastic tiny vintage 3-cuts in the most amazing blue/black iris color....


Cry Me A River

RAW Bracelet
One down and several more to go....this right angle weave (RAW) bracelet is 3-D RAW...not one layer but three (true cuts in size 11) beads deep....it's hard to tell but the abalone teardrops are in a trough that is just the bottom layer of beads and the sides are woven up to 3 layers....I call this piece, Cry Me A River, because of the abalone teardrops in the river-like trough...



I'm looking at all my unfinished objects (pieces) today and thinking I need to sit right down and get them done! But the sun is shining (not always true for oregon in the spring) and I also want to go out and take some photos with my new digital camera....so many great things to do....so little time....but, I''m not complaining!



and here's the crow...that's all I've finished at this time...


Yet another beast....
Here's the mermaid....just went for the bust and "hair"....pearls and abalone fish....




Here's the benu bird...an egyptian precurser to the phoenix....but said to be in the shape of a heron with red and gold wings....