Trick or Treat?

Is blogger just playing tricks or is this s l o w d o w n supposed to be a treat? In any case, I give up for the night...will be back when I can get changes made and posts posted in real time!



Still Hands

Still working on the hand idea...the nailheads are a wonderful green iris in two sizes but I can't get the light to show them...maybe tomorrow it will be overcast enough.



Rainbow colors on this bracelet-to-be as soon as I figure out how I want to finish it...I have several ideas so it's "just" a matter of making a decision...


Sumi Deux

Just a photo to share today...I've been noodling around with some book ideas but don't have anything visible to show yet...
I'm a day late on photo thursday...but she is a "beauty" isn't she (do I sound like a proud mama or what, lol)...


New Banner, New Gallery

I think I'm going to change my banner monthly....it's fun to figure out what works best for each month...this one is in honor of the upcoming El Día de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead as well as the usual Halloween celebration.
I've now got my work in the three galleries I wanted to put it in; the 9th Street Gallery here in Newport, Touchstone Gallery in Yachats (a small coastal village about 25 miles south on Hwy 101) and the River Gallery in Independence, which is a small town in the valley, not far from I5, our major north/south freeway through Oregon. The only other venue for my work is my etsy shop...just in case you can't make it to Oregon for your holiday gift shopping, lol!
Still working on the prototype for the next bead journal project....I hear (from pam, our wonderful registration fairy) that we've got almost 100 folks signed up already! Wow...can't wait to see how many we end up with by the December 15th deadline!


Sumi in October

I'm thinking of doing a series of sumi photos...now that I've got my three day of the dead postcards done for the fiber art traders group.



O, here comes October...cool mornings and nights with some lovely sunny afternoons and early evenings. I saw the moon come up last night over the firs that cover our hills here in the park and I woke up early this morning and watched it go down from our bedroom window. Now I'm waiting for the sun to come up over the firs...since they're on a hill above us, the sky gets light long before my little studio window actually sees any rays. But it looks like another week of indian summer for us...


Studio Tour

A 360 degree view of my studio...I work in beads and fiber, mostly mixed media and you can see my work on my flickr site...


Bead Journal Project 2010

Woohoo! Registration is open for the next BJP which starts in January 2010 (so you have lots of time to decide what form your journal will take!) and I can't recommend it enough! It's fun, it's inspirational, it's the opportunity to meet some of the finest and most enthusiastic and sharing/caring beaders in the world! How can you resist?

Registration is open until December 15, but I'd register early...I know a couple of times folks have missed the deadline and got seriously bummed out, ya know! (Not that they couldn't play along on their own, but it's so neat to be able to post your work and see all the wonderful comments it gets!)

Go HERE for more information/registration and I do hope you'll decide to play along!