It's days like yesterday that remind me we are heading for warmer, or at least sunnier, weather. I like mixed weather days with showers followed by clearing so much more than the days that are warmer but the clouds never break all day. But we bought some veggie starts yesterday...lettuce, cabbage, snow peas and that always perks us both up as it reminds us of the yummy salads we'll have in the summer.
And maybe today I'll put a few beads on a needle....watching the world on a string documentary has certainly been inspiring!


A Bit Early...

but I've been working so slowly, I felt I better strike while the muse was beside me!


March BJP Finished

Looks finished to me, although the lens really flattens the image- it's much more 3-D than you can see...plus I've got the fabric for april all ready to go and am collecting bits and pieces to use on it.

I've been watching a 5-part DVD called World on a String all about beads...history, materials, how they're made, people, spirituality and current uses and trends.....I've only watched the first one so far but it's extremely well done and I'm so glad our local library ordered it!
Here's the website in case you're interested in having your library buy it or maybe you'd like to buy it yourself...it would be an awesome addition to your reference library!



I thought I might be done, but as I look at it I see areas I think still need some work...I'm closer to being done anyway, lol!
In fortune telling, the 10 of hearts means" Good luck, success. This is an important card that suggests good fortune after difficulty."


Almost There

I was hoping to have the march bjp finished by today but I'm not quite there yet...so here is just a shot of it in process, since it's been so long since I've blogged.
I haven't stopped working but I do find I'm putting more time and energy into lifestyle and diet changes to facilitate my health...I expect in another month or so I'll have that all down pat and can get back to a more regular schedule of making art!
In the meantime, thanks for your patience and I hope you'll still drop by when you can!
I've still got my long blog list that I visit but I'm not commenting quite as much right now.


BJP and Sun

Last week we had 3 sunny days in a row and that's pretty unusual for this time of year....it wasn't terribly warm but it wasn't icy either, so I went out and spent some time photographing the river and bay...even got a bit of work done on this months bjp.
I also made a small herringbone flower earring but haven't been inspired enough to make another one, so I may take off the earwire and just use it in one of the bjp pieces. Looks more interesting from the back than the front to me.


March BJP

I think this will be my fabric for march...I love the colors and the combination of spirals (which symbolize the whole birth-life-death cycle) and flowers seems just right to me. I'm still pondering 3-D flowers but nothing has actually insisted on being done yet...luckily, I have time for it to come out.


Scan Results

Just wanted to let everyone know that the results of my scans show that my breast cancer has metastasized to my bones. As soon as he got the results, my oncologist put me on medication to block the hormone receptors since my cancer is hormone positive, which means it "feeds" on hormones. Hopefully, the medication will keep the hormones from getting to the cancer and keep the tumors from growing. Right now we're both cautiously hopeful that the medication will be effective and I'll be around for a few more years anyway. I'm also keeping in mind that there are many fine researchers working on new cancer therapies and there may be something even more effective just around the corner. In short, I'm staying positive and hopeful and as long as I have the love of my family and friends and the support of my wonderful medical team, I'll stay that way.

Started working on my march bjp and I'm thinking there might be some herringbone flowers...haven't done off loom work in a while, but the new issue of B&B is tempting me!


February Finished

Well, I never did find anything more to do to the february piece, so I'm declaring it finished. I'm gathering the fabric and pieces today for the march piece....I see even more green popping out all over the garden this week so I strongly suspect green will feature heavily in march's journal.