Still more to do tomorrow...

Still Cuff

14 Hours In
I got another few hours in yesterday on the cuff...I'm hoping to finish it by the end of the week...


Embroidered Cuff

Or not beading at the beach!
It's been a pretty wet week and that usually slows me down a bit...I need light for my soul as much as for my eyes...but I've got about 8 hours into this cuff...I started it with the 3 leaves about 6 months ago and then it just sat in a drawer...after seeing some of lj's cuffs, I was inspired to pull it out and see if I couldn't finish it...


More Fish

Sequined Fish
I've been thinking of doing some fish pins but wasn't quite sure how large or elaborate to make them....I can't figure these things out on paper so I cut out some salmon shaped pieces of cotton and started beading...this was the first effort but there are many things I don't like about this one...so tomorrow I'll try again and see if I can get closer to what I'm imagining...


Fun Fish

Yesterday I was feeling extremely silly, so I made this goofy fish....I think he needs more fins, but I haven't found quite the right beads for them yet....he'll just have to sit at the bottom for the time being, I guess...;)


Another Triad

Peyote Bracelets
Here's all three of the peyote stitch bracelets...done with delicas and toho triangles...and lampwork beads as clasps...



More old stuff
I've been traveling and working the last couple of days so I don't have the bracelets that I am working on done....so I thought I' d put up an older piece....this one is a class I teach and it's on my website....



Delicas and Triangles
This took about 4 hours, which is short for me since most of my pieces are in the 6-20 hour range, but I like it....don't like the color as much as I thought I would, so I'm doing a couple in more pleasing colors....I do like the lampwork glass bead I used as a toggle though...I think I'll keep that change.


Trio of Pins

Beading at the Beach
The last pin/pendant is finally done! This afternoon I'm starting on a trio of bracelets...delicas and toho triangle combos...a nice switch from the applique beadwork for a couple of days....anyway here's the last one, then all three and then the backs of all three showing the pin/pendant finding and the ultrasuede colors I back them with.


Pin/Pendent Two

Sea Mist
The second pin/pendent is done....one more to go and then I'll see if there are any more calling to me...this one is done with another ceramic face and lots of vintage nailheads and tiny bugle beads as well as the odd bit of abalone or MOP and a few swarovski crystals....


Heat Wave

Bead Tray
It was up to 84 on my porch today and almost 80 at the beach....very unusual for this time of year on the Oregon coast! So, I sat outside and beaded all afternoon....here's my bead tray at aboout quitting time....should have the piece done by tomorrow....depending on just how hot it gets!


Face Brooch/Pin

I'm starting a series of small (approx. 2x3 inches) pin/pendants....this is the first one done with vintage swarovski margaritas in vitrail and some tiny vintage bugles, along with contemporary czech glass leaves, charlottes and tiny freshwater pearls...