Vintage Sequins

I've been collecting vintage french and belgian sequins for years but I don't use them a lot since sequins are so disdained in the "art" world...but a friend gave me a few of hers and I went back through mine and have started a series of mixed media earrings...fiber, glass, sequins...here's a few, including one that isn't quite done yet...


More Fun

Fun Stuff
A friend came to visit yesterday, so we met at our local bead shop and played all day...in trying to figure out how someone made a particular piece, you often end up with a whole new look that barely resembles the original piece...and that's when it's really fun!


Playing with Peyote

The Curl
There are lots of ways to make peyote curl....this way I learned years ago from the peyote book by Vicki Star and Jeanette Cook...seems to take forever to make it curl, but every now and then I take the time to play with it....this time I added a funny little bird-headed bead I made from sculpey...



I saw a few classes at the Beadfest website that looked interesting but I can't go there so I set myself a challenge...how close could I get to what I see without instructions and only going by the photos? It's been fun experimenting....most of them took more than one try before I got close! and of course, unless I changed them substantially, I won't be selling them....these are just playtimes for me...
I also designed a couple of new business cards for my jewelry biz...
And the cuff is coming along....I'm already liking this one much more than the last one which means to me that I'm learning as I go...



In the Beginning...
This is my beginning palette for the cuff...there are different sizes of seed beads, nailheads, sequins, rose montees, freshwater pearls, tiny abalone buttons and crystal thingies....I won't use all of them and I may add something else as I go since it is a improvisational process, but this is where I started from...thanks for asking, lone beader!


A bit further along

I like this so far....
but I've had to stop for a while to get some other work done....a little experimental stuff for future classes....I'll post them when they're presentable....
Thanks so much to everyone who's taken the time to post and ask questions...I do appreciate your interest!


Second Cuff

Deep Breath
I started this second cuff yesterday afternoon...this is about 4 hours of beading. Like the first cuff, this one already had the mirrored flatbacks double-sided taped onto the pellon-backed fabric (I did that months ago) so the 4 hours is just the beading around the flatbacks....


Suddenly Done

Yet another 6 hours and it was done! I used a heavy duty clasp since this is the heaviest bracelet I've ever made...but the ultrasuede back makes it very comfortable anyway...



Almost there
This is feeling like an endless project, but I suspect that's just because there's so much else happening right now so I don't have the endless hours I'd like to just bead...oh well, it will be done when it's done!



I got to spend another 6 hours on the cuff yesterday, so it's looking much further along to me now...of course, I always forget how long it takes to do the finishing work...backing, adding the findings and the edging stitches....



Slow motion
Feels like I'm doing this in slow motion...had hoped to be done today...oh well...next week probably...