Bestiary at the Beach

I started a beaded bestiary....have a few done and am now deciding how to display/finish them....one thought is just to put them into individual shadow boxes and another is to make a fabric book of them....

here's pegasus....


Another guardian

Beading at the Beach
I'm teaching a class this afternoon, so won't be doing a lot of beading this morning....I like to be overprepared for class, if possible. I've just started teaching the past couple of years and have been very surprised at how much I like it....probably because I'm dealing with folks who really want to be there learning what I have to teach!
Here's one of my earlier guardian spirits I haven't put on my website yet....


Guardian Spirit

Beading at the Beach

Still waiting for inspiration for the next step to take with the face....in the meantime, I'm working on another of my guardian spirits (see my website). She's not too far along yet...but I'm liking the unusual (for me) color combination of amethyst, orange and a dusty rose pink...I think it needs a tiny bit of moss green too...now where to put it!


The Face

Beading at the Beach

I've been working on a Diane Briegleb "face" this week....barely started but I thought it would be fun to document the process...the beading part doesn't take a lot of time, but waiting for inspiration for the next step does. I tend to pull out a focal piece - the face, in this case - then pull out beads to see which ones "sing" when they're next to it. Then I start beading and as I bead I sort of "listen" for what needs to come next. I think a lot of artists work this way, although I don't know if they'd describe it in the same way I do!
Anyway, here she is...in her early stage...Sea Spring....



good morning!

it's a warm grey day here at the beach, but I'm inside beading on a few pieces....I've been working at bead applique/embroidery lately....wish I knew what the difference was! In the sewing world the two words mean entirely different techniques but in the bead world they seem to be used interchangeably!

here's one of my more recent pieces....