Late Change

I know we're almost a third of the way through june, but this month's bjp still isn't talking to me so I'm considering abandoning it and starting over with new fabrics. The first one may more closely express my depression this month, but the second one is where I'm striving to be...every day seems to be a struggle and some days I get the bear and some days he gets me.
The weather is back to overcast and wet and I'm beginning to wonder how the berries and tomatoes will do this year.
In the meantime, we're taking a drive into the valley today to see if a friend can get this wretched virus off my desktop PC...I tried but it's beyond me and at this point I'd just as soon drop the CPU off the nearest bridge, but saner heads prevailed, and I do like visiting, and maybe I'll be a bit cheerier by the time we return.


Allegra Smith said...

You need to add nothing to your post for me to understand only too well how you feel. I have been wrestling the darn bear for months and my arms are getting tired. I got so tired of worrying about the tomatoes that we ended wrapping the beds with plastic like some strange contraption but I hate to give up because of our miserable weather. All the roses are gone out the east garden, the plants are, after one of those "blackspot pruning" times, at spmost 3 feet tall and I think Summer came this past Saturday and we are back in Fall.
Let's move. You and I are cut to work with sunshine, fools we are look we were live! Hugs from here.

Carol said...

Is this the NEW fabric? I like the colors a lot. We have had dreary weather also. Last week we were off work and it was rainy most of the week, but I was glad. Terry could relax and it gave him the excuse he needed not to be working around the house. We went to the farmers market and a water pond place and got a couple of water lillies for his pond. I also planted some garden plants in the water and they are doing well. I'm so glad cause that was a lot cheaper than the waterlillies are ~lol~

Don't let that depression keep you down. Hopefully the sun will come out and chase it away.

Much love to you, Bobbi. Enjoy your visit.

abeadlady said...

Wouldn't you just love to finally get rid of that bear? I know I would. Love the new fabric. I need to get back to my BJP pages. I knew I had other projects coming up, so I worked ahead while I could. Now it's catch-up time. Have to finish May's page and go on from there. Seem to be doing a lot of binge beading this year. Wish things would balance out a bit. Hang in there. You are not alone.

Penny said...

We've had a lot of rain this spring/summer also. In our case however, we have finally come out of a several year drought so I treasure each and every raindrop. My problem is the deep green trees, all around me sometimes making me feel like I'm smothering. We just got back from the desert and it felt so wonderful to throw out my arms and enjoy the space - not to mention actually being able to SEE the sunrise because there were no green leaves blocking it. Aren't I awful?

beadbabe49 said...

Lovely idea, allegra...where shall we go?

yes, it is carol...I do love the multi-colored batiks! I also try to take the rain as a time to cosy up inside...but enough is enough!

hi arline...yep, I'd like to shoot that ole bear about now! Thanks for the words of support.

hi penny...I love your desert photos...we also have the ocean, so when the trees get to feeling a bit close, we walk down to the bay or drive across town and look out across the sea...(lol, nope, you're not awful at all..;)

Pursuing Art... said...

Sending you the warmest hug! You've been in my thoughts and I'm hoping that the sunshine is warding of that ol bear!

Didn't know you got a virus! Hope your friend had some luck...XOX

msing said...

For some reason I was looking at an old version of your site, and I kept only seeing an old post from January as the newest post. I felt so worried everytime I visited your blog. I'm so glad it was nothing more than a technical error. Your bead blog is one of the most wonderful on the whole Internet. I do hope you are hanging in there are that the bear has lifted with some summer weather.