2 Fish

These two fish
are finally done and going to the gallery next week....I'll put a silk cord on them and they'll be ready to wear...their purchase price will go into the gallery's scholarship fund for art students since so much of the public funds for the arts have been cut.
The faces got sent off on friday for the beaded face swap...I love surprises and can hardly wait to see the two faces that will be living with me...


Face Swap

All Done
with the 2 face cabs I'm doing for a swap...not as much beading as I usually do, but I figured it was pretty good for someone with carpal tunnel in both hands! The faces are polymer clay from a purchased mold, the beads around them are tiny nailheads with a small swarovski crystal at the top...they have ultrasuede backs and a pin/pendant finding...



Color choices...
Robin's blog, Beadlust, has gotten me thinking about my color choices...I'm realizing I use a lot of greens...and then I looked up from the computer out one of my studio windows and saw this....well, duh...looks like I'm echoing my environment! Also, I live here in Oregon because I love greens and blues (and greys too) and that's what we have a lot of, especially here on the coast!

I also realized, after talking to some other local artists, that in the winter...when it can get a bit dreary with many days of rain...we all switch to brighter colors, as if to add some cheer to our lives and studios...

Little bits

A few small UFO's
I'm getting a number of my smaller UFO's done...I can work on them a short time and take a break and still finish them in a day, since most of the work is done...makes me wonder what took me so long!