Passing On the Award

It is, of course, impossible to just pick 5 people whose work inspires me, so I'm going to go through my list of BJP'ers and pick 5 at random...

One goes to Diane Redmer Moore at Mountain Salt Studio whose big hearted pages for the bead journal project have been a constant inspiration this past year and who I am happy to see will be going on to 2008/09 too, so we get to play together for another year!

One to Vivage, whose work grew with each month, but who always stayed true to her own vision and who surprises me each time I see it.

One to Caroll152 who gives new meaning to the word rococco! I kept looking closer and closer because I didn't believe it was all beads!

To Karen Cattoire here in probably the most exotic location of any of the bjp'ers, vanuatu, in the south pacific...and I am amazed that she's only been beading for 2 years...wow! Her combination of beads and stitching has gotten me interested in learning more about traditional embroidery.

To Thom Atkins, here and here, Robin's brother, whose larger bjp pieces (larger than mine for sure) have inspired me to go a bit larger next time around and to add more fabric combinations/manipulatons to the mix. The first link leads to his quilts page on his website and the second to his bjp pieces. The pieces are all great but the february page just grabbed me and made me pay attention!

And that's all for now....I could have listed a few dozen more inspirations and a number of them aren't bead related at all, but thank goodness, was only asked for 5!


Magpie Sue said...

You totally deserve the award - congratulations!

Interesting that a couple of the artists you've chosen to pass the award on to are BJP'ers whose work I've somehow missed! Thanks for pointing them out to me :- )

beadbabe49 said...

A couple of them don't have blogs, sue and that makes them harder to find, I think!
The 2007 list that barb is making up with links to blogs, etsy shops and websites will help a lot in the future I think!

LJ said...

Oh. My. Goddess! Aren't these just splendid, BB!! Wow. I'm certainly glad you passed the prize. Very wonderful artists!

KV said...

What an amazing compilation of folks you have chosen, Bobbi!

Kathy V in NM

beadbabe49 said...

thanks, lj and kathy....the whole group of bjp artists sure blow me away on a regular basis! Glad to share just a few of them...

vivage said...

Hey! Coooool Beadbabe! I followed LJ who left a comment that she got to my blog via your awards post.

How nice that you put me in there with great comments.

The feeling is mutual. :-)

Thanks LJ for leaving a comment about it.

Pursuing Art... said...

I am familiar with your choices except I must have missed Karen Cattoire's pieces!

I enjoyed revisiting and visiting these five people you have chosen! What inspiration they are! It also made me go see, again, everyone that has posted their set of pictures in the members gallery! Talk about inspiring!!! ;-)