Looks like we're going to get all our summer in just a couple of days! It was over 80 outside, almost 90 inside and 100 on our sun porch...although right on the beach it was a lot cooler. One of the few times the weather was better over the hill. Before it got too hot this morning I took some photos of our rhody....which often blooms in march, but it was so cold this spring so far it waited until may to bloom!
This was the porch this morning while it was just 80....by the time it hit 90, the cats and I were outside under the willows in the shade, but by 3:00 it was over 80 out there too and not enough breeze to really cool you off, so we just lolled and read....well, I read, the cats lolled...;)

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Pursuing Art... said...

The sun room looks cozy and bright...a nice place to enjoy! Your plants look happy too! It has been an odd year again and things are slow here. Reading and lolling sound heavenly! ;-))