Cyber Fyber Postcard Trade

I decided to join the cyber fyber trade this time around with Susan Lenz here....there are lots of postcards or atc's left if you want to trade too....and the nice thing is you get to pick the one you want...I LIKE that!
I did this 4x6 p/card on one of my extra pieces from the bjp project and just added the little dancing figure....the face and hands are metal beads/charms, the dress is cotton in another pattern from the backing fabric...the letters are plastic beads, the legs are glass bugle beads and the feet are striped pressed glass daggers...I'll back it with some heavy paper to make it a postcard...
For some reason the photo is greener than the actual piece, but I was too lazy to fire up photoshop to fix it...so just imagine it more turquoise blue, ok?


Anonymous said...

This postcard looks great - and really quite turquoise on my monitor! Cyber fyber is a great idea isnt it. Id love to be able to see it for real

beadbabe49 said...

oh good, thanks, paula!
Yes, it would be a super show to see in person, wouldn't it!

Pursuing Art... said...

Great postcard and Love her wild hair! Maybe this is a thought for the raffle prize?! You did a great job and you got to pick the one you wanted? That is a neat way to do it! I hope you'll share the one you receive too! I'll check it out, but am not signing up for another thing...my plate is full! ;-))

Susan said...

Thank you ever so much for blogging about CYBER FYBER and all the wonderful things you wrote! I've really enjoyed reading your blog this evening...your scary but spiritual story of the car accident, your "tagged" list, your beautiful beading and new fabrics. Thanks too for your recent comment on my blog!