No Time

My friend linda from Born Under a Bead Sign gave me this lovely award but life has suddenly gotten too crazy to spend the time needed to pass it on right now....so I'd like to accept it, but put off passing it on until things settle down around here...okay?
We're okay but a friend is in dire straits, so I'll be back when we get him settled...I hope!


abeadlady said...

Congrats on the award, Bobbi. You deserve it.

Prayers for your friend. Hope everything turns out okay for him.


The Lone Beader said...

Congrats!!! She nominated me too, infact, it's the 3rd time I've been nominated for that one since I left for Praha, and I just don't have time to think about it! LOL.

Pursuing Art... said...

Congratulations Bobbi! You are so deserving of this award and being so honored with the best of the best!!!
You are such an inspiration to SO MANY! ;-)

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all!

Peace and love,


Lidia said...

Congratulations on that award! Hope things settle down for you soon. Lidia

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

You totally deserve this award & many many more!~ Love that you & Lisa got to meet awhile back, she is amazing... the bead art between you is mind boggling!!! I'd FAINT!

Stopped in to let you know also that our new button is ready for The Pink Artist drawing. Stop in, you'll also find the official post with all the details. Thanks again for helping to make our project such a huge success! Will we sleep at all in October with all the Xcitement?

Happy Summer, Monica :):):)

beadbabe49 said...

thanks for all the kind thoughts for our friend, who is doing better than we hoped already, and may be coming home soon...