Back to Work

After two ferocious days of over 90 degree heat, it looks like today we'll have temps in the 70's...that's more like it!
Even most of the restaurants don't have air conditioning here since we so rarely would use it! We're not used to such heat after living at the coast for almost 20 years!

So...I'm sending off my cyberfyber postcard to susan today, going to our farmer's market which just reopened for the summer and working for a couple of hours at the visual arts center, where I usually bead as I greet visitors and answer any questions they might have about the exhibits.

I didn't get far enough on the leaf piece to finish it in time for the opening tonight due to the heat....wow, when it's too hot to bead it's TOO HOT!

Did I mention it's been really HOT here?


abeadlady said...

A little warm, are we? LOL. I know what you mean. 103 here yesterday. Too hot to breathe. Idiot that I am, I have walked 7 miles this week. Now I'm tired, very tired. My knees are like spagetti.


Anonymous said...

love the postcard - and your leaf will be lovely -great colours. its really quite unseasonably cold here (I spent all summer complaining about the heat... but now its too far the other way!)

beadbabe49 said...

wow...I can barely breathe at that temp...can't imagine walking any distance in it!

yeah...we were all hoping for warmer weather, but not THAT warm!

Magpie Sue said...

We're catching the tail end of your heat wave up here today bobbi. I was looking forward to the sunshine, but not necessarily the heat!

beadbabe49 said...

well, hang in there sue...it's now a lovely 70 degrees here (although the rumor is for more rain tomorrow or monday...sigh...)

freebird said...

And now the heat is reaching me here in Arizona. We've been lucky to have a pretty cool spring so far but today was the beginning of us getting that huge warmfront you had already. Tomorrow is supposed to be real hot - may have to put in my window air-conditioner.

Too hot to bead? I know it gets too hot to knit; I hope to have the air on when it gets too hot for the beads!

Jean said...

I use a small fan stand in my
beading table when the weather
is hot so that it helps. I can't
wait to see when you finish your
leaf pin. Hope your weather is

Pursuing Art... said...

Your postcard is great Bobbi! The heat was stifling! I know what you mean by can't breathe...you could have choked on it! ;-) Here we've been praying for the sun to stick around, but we don't quite care for that much heat! I thinks it's hard to do a lot of anything when it gets this hot! The farmer's market sounds like fun. I love to go to them! ;-)

I'm with you on the walking...no way! I'm sure you'd find me passed out not long after the beginning of my journey! I love when it's 70-80 degrees, that's tolerable and perfect to me. Once it starts passing about 82-84, I start getting uncomfortable!