Cinco de Mayo

is a big holiday in Mexico (and parts of the US) and I'm celebrating my 400th post here at Beading at the Beach!
I didn't think I had that much to show/talk about when I started this blog in March 2006!

I'm still collecting for the May bjp piece and have been doing more backs for the basho pieces and am now at 23 completed. Someone asked for an idea of which part of the book each piece was inspired by so I'm including a link here to the site that has several translations of the book and lists all 44 "stations"....so you can see what number a piece is and then check out the corresponding station number to see what text I started each piece from. I have to add that I didn't try to illustrate each station but used it as a starting point and then also added my own feelings about each piece and what was happening with me at the time. This is easiest to see on the first piece and in the show I will be adding a page of text to share what each element in that first piece represents. Some of the other pieces have a much more tenuous connection with their station!

Went inland yesterday to visit friends and got to experience 75 degree weather...heaven! On the way home we took the long way and managed to get some shots of our big river while it's still pretty small...about 16 miles upstream....and an old wooden railroad bridge that crosses it.

I'm still playing with the bjp pieces....here's the shorter legs with large beads on the bottom...the o-rings are keeping the pieces about half way up. I'm gonna live with it for a while...;)

I finished the small face finally...I don't think I'll be doing much jewelry for a while...it's just not what I want to be doing and so I drag my feet on it and it just sits around and stares at me. I have a nice brooch for my mom for mother's day, so I won't need to make anything until christmas...

Sooo....happy Cinco de Mayo and I'll be back when I have some work done.


abeadlady said...

I like the BJP pieces on this stand the best so far. It just looks more stable. Love your little face.

I know what you mean about jewelry. If they weren't bead embroidery, I wouldn't be making pins and pendants. That seems to be all I want to do these days.


Mary Timme said...

Well, I really, really like this stand the best so far. My question would be are you going to stain them for a finished look? I think I'd like them much better that way.

Beading can take over a life. It has mine.

Denise said...

I love the big base on the stand - it looks so good! Glad to hear that the Basho series is going well too!
I recieved my face! Thanks so much - even better in person! I look forward to using it for something special!
Cheers, Denise

KV said...

Happy 400th blog, Bobbi! Looking forward to that May beaded page . . .

Kathy V in NM

Sue in western Washington, USA said...

I'm sure we all look forward to another 400 posts from you bobbi! Keep up the good work!

There's something about that pin you made for your mother that I just love. Maybe I need to try that color scheme myself :- )

Beadin' Gram/aka Jackie said...

LOVE the face -- it is soft, gentle and soothes the soul just looking at it. LOVELY. The stand is great now -- the centered pieces look great (MHO), and your river shot is super. Happy 400+ posts. Every one has been most enjoyable.

beadbabe49 said...

Me too, arline...after so many years of off loom beading, the bead embroidery just keeps me going and going to see what comes up next!

Yes...that's pretty much the case with me too, mary...happily taken over by beads and fiber! I'm still considering painting the legs and ball feet...I have enough extra that I can experiment a bit.

glad it arrived, denise!

thanks kathy, sue and jackie!

sue, I find that I get most excited by color schemes/combinations I see others using, that I wouldn't have thought of myself...I'm working on a piece now using colors from a part of a piece by megan noel....not the colors of the whole piece even, but just a part of it! I wonder if there's a word that describes the inner excitement I feel when I see certain color combinations?

Sue in western Washington, USA said...

Oh, I know that feeling! Not sure I could come up with a satisfactory word for it though. Might need a whole string of 'em! I get sort of breathless from all the possibilities when I walk into a well-stocked fabric or bead store.

Pursuing Art... said...

Happy 400th post! Wow, in only a little over two years! I am so glad that you started your blog and sharing, as I know others are too! Your work is beautiful and inspiring, and you are too!

I'm glad you shared the 44 stations and that you are going to share at the show too!

Love the river shot, the railroad bridge, and the beautiful Oregon moss on the trees!

You finished the face pendant! She is beautiful and so peaceful looking!!!

Love the triptych and the shorter legs. The o-rings was a great idea!

And now I see what you were talking about by saying no more jewelry for awhile and, boom, you start again! At least you are listening to what your heart is telling you! ;-)

You still have your mom, lucky you. Does she live near you?



P.S. I'm caught up now and good grief you have been BUSY! I feel guilty now!!! ~wink~

beadbabe49 said...

lol, glad you're back!

the triptich has changed again...the big ball feet are gone and I'm considering no feet at all or just the small wooden beads.

mom is up in the seattle area, close to where I was raised.