In the Moonlight

I'm just a bit further along with the leaf and last night I went out and took some photos of our bridge in the moonlight...not as good as I expected, so I'll have to read a bit further in the book to see what the settings should be.


Mary Timme said...

I can hardly believe how wonderful and impressionistic it looks. I love it!

abeadlady said...

The leaf is wonderful, as is all your work. Love the colors. The bridge picture makes me want to be there. I'm very big on scenic photography and I like this.


Pursuing Art... said...

The beginning of your leaf is beautiful and colors you've chosen are yummy. Perfect place to find a ladybug!

I love the light coming from under the bridge in this shot and the moon is a pretty good shot! We have trouble with the moon to and even when we have the vibration reduction on, we sometimes get the squiggly line. It seems to take us a number of shots to get one that is fairly clear. And part of the problem is we try and use one setting and then try another and then we don't remember all the time which one we used, especially when we've taken a lot of pictures. Thank goodness for the delete button. We keep thinking maybe we should get a tripod for certain times. Do you have one?