You All Make My Day

After being a bit down, it was so nice to find that Paula of The Beauty of Life gave me a you make my day award, thanks, paula.....great timing!
The hard part is that you're supposed to give it to ten folks who make your day and I don't see how I can keep it down to ten! This past year has seen my blogroll go from 20 to about 90 and there isn't a one of them that doesn't make my day sooner or later!
So, I'm going to put all the names into a hat and just draw out the first 10...there's just no other way to do it, so if you don't see your name here, it's not because you don't make my day...just the luck of the draw!


Paula Hewitt said...

Hi Bobbie - im glad this award came at the right time! I have appreciated your supportive comments, and look forward to seeing what you are up to... just seeing the beach in your banner brightens up my day!

beadbabe49 said...

thanks again, paula! I'm looking forward to seeing all the TIF results!