Solstice Thoughts

This is one of my favorite days of the year as we turn back toward the lighter days and shorter nights.
I'm remembering a winter 37 years ago when we had just come back from our trip to Mexico, gotten married, and decided to give living in california a try...we gave away a lot of stuff, stored a couple of tables with friends and put all we owned, plus our siamese cat, chisai, who had gone with us to Mexico in our bus, back into the bus and headed for San Jose.
As it turned out, the endless sun paled a bit after a few months and we headed back to the cooler, wetter pacific northwest that suited us so much better...but I've always been glad we gave it a try instead of wondering later in life if we'd missed something.
Here're a few photos I dug out today...me and chisai and the van at our tiny hotel in San Miguel de Allende...the van by itself and a couple of photos taken from the hills above the town....can't remember if the photos were from our trip into town or when we were heading out...but it was a lovely few weeks we spent there and still hope to return someday.
The black madonna and child are beaded...the next step isn't yet clear though, so they may sit a bit...


GraceBeading said...

Really enjoy the old photos Bobbi, especially the fashion!

The madonna and child are beautiful as well.

abeadlady said...

Great pics, Bobbi! Hope the season finds you healthy and happy.


beadbabe49 said...

hi grace! yeah, flowered denim bell bottoms, whoo hoo!

hi arline...the season finds me at home which is making me very, very happy!

Paula Hewitt said...

have a happy holiday Bobbi

T and S said...

That's should bring back nostalgic memories...cool

Have a wonderful holidays...Thomas

The Lone Beader said...

Love the VW Bus!