Blog Changes

I think for the next few days I'll try some changes to the look of the blog...and then on the 1st I can put up the final changes...although with blogger making it so easy now to change the look of the blogs, I might change it more often...at least the header photo.


Camilla La Mer-Art Dolls said...

This bead work on the header is beautiful! I can't read the words on top of it...It will be fun to see your experiments. Speaking of creativity every day, I often play with the idea of using these crazy word verification puzzles in a short story or at least in sentences of the day! The one below me as I write is "fiallbea." "They walked arm in arm as they casually strolled passed the fiallbea on the way to their favorite venetian coffee house..."

morwyn said...

One of my favorite things is tinkering with my blog - I could waste HOURS doing just that - and I like Camilla's idea of working these nonsense words into sentences - the word below me is "hoofig". Let's see - "The waiters circulated among the guests, offering their trays of champagne, canapes and hoofigs." How's that?

Mary Timme said...

I love this header photo! But then I've always loved your headers! Someday I have to read about this!

beadbabe49 said...

I know, camilla....I tried every color combination I could find and the background is just too busy and multi-colored for any color of text to be easy to read...which is why this probably won't be up for long, lol!

hi morwyn, love the way you and camilla used the verification "words" in a sentence!

thanks, mary!