A Bit Further Along

I did a bit more on the icon today but just a little since I had an informal lesson with a couple of friends this afternoon. Neither one had done herringbone so we went through the steps to begin that and then the beginning of flat even peyote...I have fun teaching the two stitches but have not been tempted away from my bead embroidery...and of course, I use the peyote stitch for my face bezels, so it's not like I've abandoned it entirely.


Mary Timme said...

I doubt any of us ever abandon peyote entirely, even when we focus on other techniques.

I also love batiks! That is a great one.

Pursuing Art... said...

I just love this piece! I know it will be breathtaking when complete!

Informal lessons with friends sounds just wonderful! I bet you all had a great time together and they couldn't be learning from anyone sweeter!

Hugs to you...~me ;-)