What's Happening?

I haven't really disappeared from the blogging world, but I have been limiting myself to mostly lurking this past week or so.
It's taken me a while to process the show and all the work that led up to it...and then to let it go and get on to the next bit of work.
I'm on the path toward the next bead journal project and the form I want my 12 months to take. Last year was a great challenge, but I want to raise the bar a bit this year and it's taking time to decide how high I want to go, lol!
Right now I'm heavily into the research stage where I spend lots of time looking at images and noting what catches my eye and mind and heart....lots of time spent, but a very relaxed part of the process.
As soon as the decisions are made, I'll be sharing them here. In the meantime, I hope you're all enjoying the last bit of summer and the early fall weather (we've been having here in Oregon)...


Beadin' Gram/aka Jackie said...

Glad you're getting some relaxing time after the hectic pace of getting ready for a show -- and then the show itself -- all very worthwhile, but nice to catch a relaxing break. Will bewatching for your new BJP pages for 08-09.

KV said...

Ah, yes -- decisions, decisions for the next BJP . . . had a brief moment of insanity as I passed through my doll room and spied over twelve 17" fashion dolls that would look terrific in beaded clothing before I realized it would take 24 hours a day of beading for a month to do each one!

Kathy V in NM

abeadlady said...

Glad the show went well for you. How nice that you can relax a little before starting a new project. Insanity must run in my family as I have signed up to do three (3) year-long projects for the same time period. I'm trying to see if I can combine them at least part of the time. Sure hope so or I really will go around the bend.

beadbabe49 said...

hi jackie...you're not doing the bjp?

kathy, I know what you mean...I've been trying not to get too ambitious!

and arline...thanks and wow! Three of them? I had to drop out of the take it forward challenge, so I didn't even do two this year! I'll be ready with the caffeine when you pull the all-nighters to finish three!

Jackie said...

I've got something for you at my blog. Are you interested? I hope you will accept.

beadbabe49 said...

I'm honored, jackie, and gratefully accept it!
It will take me a while to pass it on though, as I'd like to choose someone not on my blogroll!

freebird said...

It seems harder to pick the journal page size this year than last. What I really feel drawn to are those tiny rectangles Robin made for her new book. I could do them in Czech size 13 or 15 beads which would make them bigger but... well, I'm still thinking about it all like you are.

It will be fun to see what everyone does.

MixPix said...

Hi Bobbi, I've been trying to think about size, format, themes for the BJP this year, too. I've had out all my beads and some fabrics I'd painted a while ago, but I can't seem to decide anything. Maybe after I do the first month, I'll have a clearer idea. I'm really looking forward to it. Glad to hear you are relaxing after the show.

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh...trying to figure it out myself and feel good about it! Still haven't figured out the right size yet but I am working on it! Glad you are having some down time and putting your thoughts together...you need it!

Hugs...~Lisa ;-)