Rays of Sunshine

After several days of wind and rain, I glimpsed a few stray sunbeams this morning and have hopes there will be more to come. This has been a most unusual summer for weather...the other night we had thunder and lightening almost all night long, which is unheard of in this area. Usually we get a few flashes and booms and then it moves along....but this one just kept circling from the sounds of it and several times it sounded like an explosion right above the house! I was amazed the cats didn't all hide under the bed, but they all stayed with us.
Another ray of sunshine comes today from jackie of dogdaisychains, who has given me this lovely blogger award. Thanks, jackie! And if you haven't seen her blog yet, you have a major treat in store, especially if you're as passionate about color as I am!
I will be passing it along to some other bloggers, but need a while to find a couple that aren't already on my blogroll!


Jackie said...

Thank you for your lovely comment. I think I'm just a bit mad with myself for entering 3 disparate pieces that wouldn't have hung together very well, and for not being true to myself and trying to do what I thought they would like instead of what I liked.

anado said...

We have been experiencing lots of rain down here in Central Mexico...the World is in some serious reaction....

KV said...

Wanna send some of that wind and rain -- er, just the rain -- down here?

Kathy V in NM

Pursuing Art... said...

What a wild past week of weather alright! Almost feels like fall...not quite ready for summer to be behind us yet.

Congratulations on the award...you certainly are deserving of it...always is a pleasure to swing by and see what you are up to and what beautiful art you are creating!!!

Visited Jackie's blog and her embroidery is stunning!!!

Hugs...~Lisa ;-)

artandtea said...

We've had the same type of weather here in New England, too. So many storms this summer! Lately though it's turned really nice and sunshiney. Hoping the same for you on the other coast. :-)
Congrats on your award. Jackie's blog is a lot of fun. Thanks for the link!