There were some huge waves coming in from the ocean....these folks were surfing almost under the bridge, in the entrance to the bay!

edited to add: Sadly, a young couple went walking to the end of the south jetty and were swept into the ocean around 1 pm. Too many folks seem to have no idea of the power of the waves and lose their lives because of it.


Carol said...

You are so right. I was raised in a beach town on the east coast of Lake Michigan. Spent every day I could at the beach, so I know this is true.

The St. Joseph River wraps around my neighborhood. I can't tell you how many times Rescue was called over the years to try to rescue river swimmers. Several neighborhood boys died that way.

Beadwright said...

What a shame on so many levels.
You are right the water is beautiful and dangerous.

freebird said...

That's a shame. Too many don't respect or know the power of the water. My son would probably have loved to be out in this surf; he's a very strong swimmer but I still worry about him.

lilylovekin said...

Nature is beautiful but we often forget how deadly its power can be. I hope you have a lovely week-end. Lorrie