Snow Day

I don't think I can remember a year in the past 20 here at the coast where it's snowed so early (or late in the year). Usually it's later in december or more often, january, but here we are and it's not even thanksgiving yet!
I wonder if this means it will be a hard winter? Last year we had a very cold period at the beginning of december but it didn't get that cold again until late in january...so it's anyone's guess!

(yea, I know you folks in the less temperate places are laughing to think that 33 degrees is cold, but hey....we love our moderate temps and we do "pay" for them with abundant rain, lol!)


Beadwright said...

Hi looks like you got less snow than we do here in Florence. In fact it is still snowing pretty hard. Looks like North Idaho. LOL
Enjoy the day

Lynn said...

Wow, for once Western New York is one of the warmer spots :) We are and have been for the past few days in the high 50s YIPPEE!!!

Oh, alright, so they are calling for snow on Thanksgiving -- but hey, I'll take these 'warm' bonus days for as long as I can!

Jan said...

So you did get some! It is 24 here this morning. It does make me nervous, what will the rest of winter bring to us? Keep warm!

Allegra Smith said...

They say around here that only newcomers and fools would predict the weather in Oregon. While I was living in Manzanita an old gentleman who live at the Coast his whole life told me that every four years we get a horrible summer and a worse winter.
Well...he was neither a newcomer nor a fool and here we are.

This morning the little unheated greenhouse is covered with snow and the door frozen solid. The heated one was fine and so are the lemons and limes. I fear I lost my magnolia michaela and that will break my heart but I was told she would survived inside even in a cold place. We shall see.

Happy Thanksgiving my dear Bobbi, I think of you every time I play with my beads and wish we were closer to play together.

Carol said...

Yes, I heard it was going to be one of those winters that is unpredictable due to El Nino but I guess we'll see. Luckily the rain we got last night WAS rain or I'd be snowed in today.

beadbabe49 said...

hi nicole...yeah, I guess newport and bandon were the "hot spots" this morning and our snow is evaporating as the air warms...hope it drys off the roads as the temps are supposed to fall to the mid 20's tonight!

High 50's sounds awfully warm, lynn! Think you can stand the heat!

We did, jan! Last year seemed like a dry winter but wetter spring and summer than usual, so who can guess what this year will bring!

Oh allegra! I do hope your magnolia survives! And yes...wouldn't it be lovely if we lived closer (or were able to travel) and could spend time playing with beads together!

Unpredictable is our middle name out here, I think...just hoping for no power outages!

Pat said...

Don't forget your mittens! How fun, especially for Thanksgiving.

lilylovekin said...

SNOW!!!! How lovely but how cold it must have been. Have a happy thanksgiving.

beadbabe49 said...

Snow is gone for the moment...may be more this afternoon but I hope not...we're planning to go to a matinee showing of harry potter!

Max Boughner said...

In my case, I think it's better to start early in the season, since I love the colder seasons! At the start of winter, me and my buds celebrate like there's no tomorrw! We're so happy that we enjoy whatever we do, even if it's totally mundane!