Changed My Mind

I just couldn't seem to get started on the nov. bjp, so I switched the fabric and am getting ideas like crazy...inspiration strikes but it can also leave and then working on something is like walking through mud up to your knees! My theory is always to lay it aside if the muse has abandoned it and sometimes it returns later and sometimes it sits there until I put it aside permanently.


Roberta said...

I love all your cool fabrics! You must have quite a stash!

Janice said...

I really like these fabrics! They speak to me so much more than the spots (I think that was your other choice). I enjoy watching your work grow.

Carol said...

Hi Bobbi
I like this way better than the blue spots. The pattern flows on this one. Its great.

Pat said...

This color combination is electric. I really think that you have struck the right chord for this time of the year!

freebird said...

I love the way the daisy sits on the small hand. I don't know how many projects I've started just to see my muse up and walk away but then there are the times she seems to work overtime too! Long term projects tempt the muse to up and take a vacation.

Beading Eyes said...

Yes, many don't realize that the ocean is "mighty powerful", I miss the coastline of OR & WA so very much, but my arthritis doesn't, even though I still have some here, not like there.
I know your "muse" will arrive when the "moment happens", which could happen even when you are sleeping!!
Have fun!!
Love the photo of the ocean & the rocks!!