Up the River

In between rain showers we took a drive up the river to toledo and back. I wanted to see what was left of the train tracks (nothing but the trestle supports) that used to go from toledo to yaquina city, which was 4 miles upriver from newport.
And then the sun was shining ahead of us and hitting some trees ahead...not sure the photo captured that, but it was a nice drive and just what I felt in the mood to do.
I've been messing around learning more about windows 7 and not doing much beadwork this week...maybe next week my inspiration will return


Roberta said...

Every time you post photos of where you live, I am always stunned. It is jaw-droppingly beautiful!

lilylovekin said...

Your photos are beautiful. Isn't it amazing how one can get lost in computer stuff and hours go by before you know it?

beadbabe49 said...

We sure love it, roberta!

oh yeah, lorrie....I'm often surprised to see how many hours have passed!

Jan said...

gorgeous photos. My brother teaches in Toledo HS. Good luck with your studies.

Carol said...

Thats the bad thing about computer stuff. You have to mess with it and practice and the more you learn the more time you spend on the darned computer.

Pat said...

I agree about how beautiful your surroundings are. When one lives in the city, that is what you see but there is a whole beautiful other world. And you live in a big slice of that beautiful world.
Happy Thanksgiving.