Two More

Two more of the small pins finished...both have turtles, one is abalone and one copper. I'm thinking of calling them spirit guardians since my earlier pieces based on the hamsa hand (you can see a few them in one of my flickr sets) were called guardian spirits.
I've been making these small protective amulets since my first diagnosis of breast cancer and they've become even more meaningful to me since the breast cancer metastasized to my bones a couple of years ago. I have sold some of the guardian spirits and I've given some away to folks with cancer or other medical issues.
I'm considering a gallery now, but if that doesn't work out, I think I'll put them in my etsy shop and see if that does.
My thanks to so many of you who have left such kind comments here...they mean a lot to me.

Oh, and one more photo of my sun porch...I know I talk about it a lot but that's because it helps me so much to be out in the light, especially in the darker months which are coming up. But right now we're still having some hot sunny days and I was so excited to find this neat beach umbrella that works with my little table that has a hole in the middle that just fits...and it was just $5 on sale! Woo...that's a red letter day for me!


Carol said...

I love your porch. I used to have one, but Terry decided to make it into part of the house. It used to be my craft room, but I gave it to Corey when his mom moved in and Ky took Corey's room. I miss it because my room doesn't have an outside window.

I love your guardians. I'm glad you post so often and really enjoy your blog.

Pam Aries said...

Sorry..it's been a while since I posted1 Your porch looks s cozy and as always..your beading is fabulous! i think it is wonderful that you do the work and give to cancer patients..good for you. I still love my house pin that you made !

Penny said...

Lovely pins - I'm partial to the copper turtle *smile*. Love your sun porch - a perfect place to create.