Bead Journal Project 2011

YES! There will be a bead journal project next year thanks to a number of bjp members who have volunteered to do the hard work of keeping it going, as robin is stepping back this year from the administrative side of the BJP. She will, however, be joining us in doing the pages, so her lovely presence and great work will still be a part of the BJP!

This LINK is the first announcement and there will be more to come so keep on reading and PLEASE feel free to pass this information on and/or link to the post.

The main thing to remember is that registration starts November 8 and goes to December 8.

Here's what the 2011 graphic will look like....it's one of robin atkin's pages and not only did I want to honor her but the graphic also worked well with the text...hope you all like it.


Roberta said...

Lovely BJP graphic. I am already thinking about what shape I want to do. So many choices! I am quite excited about this opportunity to be part of this very interesting project.

beadbabe49 said...

Wonderful to hear you'll be joining the group, roberta....it's been a wonderful experience each year for me...both the beautiful and inspiring art work and the beautiful and creative artists who have become friends in many cases!