Happy Halloween Again

I say "again" because chuck & I and several hundred of newport's finest art-lovers welcomed it in at the (sold out) last performance of the Rocky Horror Show at midnight, which lasted till 3am! Whee....haven't been up that late for fun in years!
I really can't adequately describe the actual experience of getting to watch this incredibly talented cast and crew take us to the kinky castle of Frank-n-furter and his crew, but I hear they're working on a DVD and one of our best photographers, Nancy Jane Reid, has posted her photos of the whole process from rehearsals to final night (although last night/this morning's photos aren't up quite yet) and you can get some idea of the production by clicking here.
It was an experience I will never, never forget, that's for sure!

So Happy Halloween again now that I'm up...I'll be at the gallery this afternoon from 3-5 handing out little goodies to all the witches and goblins who visit with their folks for this afternoon's nye beach party. Many of the businesses are open and handing out treats to our kiddies from 3-5, if you're in the area.

I'll be wearing a couple of my mask pins and maybe I can rustle up a masK for myself on my way to work...

Here's to a happy and safe Halloween to all you sweethearts out there.....XOXOXO


Carol said...

OMgosh! I know you had a blast! When I was younger, we used to go to the theater to watch the movie and the "participants" in the front rows and aisles!! what a blast. You're never to old for RHS!!

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh, how fun!!! Although it was a late date, what a perfect way to ring in Halloween at a midnight showing. I bet you had a great time and a wild ride! Did you take your umbrella? LOL!

P.S. Absolutely love those spooktacular beady owls!