New Stuff

It's a new month so I put in a new header and was surprised to find how large it was...another blogger change that I like.
I went to a street fair yesterday...a yearly event that features antiques and vintage cars....the antiques are for sale, most of the cars aren't, but if they were and I'd won the lottery this little yellow 1939 Ford would have come home with me. Don't know if I'd ever had the nerve to drive it, but it sure looks fantastic!
What I could afford was a handful of MOP buttons, mostly tiny with one beautiful large one that I can see using soon and a lightweight tin necklace with water creatures that I may cannibalize into a series featuring each one. At least that's the plan this morning, lol!


Carol said...

Like the new header and the pic is great!! I like those water creatures too! Especially the frog, of course.

Penny said...

Love the idea of canibalizing the necklace and making a series. Isn't it fun to find treasures like these. I'm with you on the car - we're in the process of buying a new car and they are all sooo boring - looking all the same!

Pat said...

I can see why youlike large buttons. If I come across any, I will put them aside for you. and cannibalizing is all part of the game. isn't it?

The header is fantastic. It looks like August, warm and inviting.

beadbabe49 said...

thanks carol...I love choosing the headers each month from my photos.

yeah, penny...it's fairly unusual these days for me to find anything I really want to take home and work with...and I'm with you on the new cars...I can't tell a ford from a bmw anymore!

thanks, pat! glad you like the new header...you've sure got an amazing antique fair to go to!

lilylovekin said...

I like your new header, it really shows off the gorgeous photo.

beadbabe49 said...

thanks, lorrie!

Pursuing Art... said...

I love the size of the new header photo...and the picture is so beautiful and inviting!!!!

The street fair sounded like great fun and I love your finds! The huge MOP is gorgeous and those tin sea creatures was a grand find!!! I know that you will put those lovlies to great use...can't wait to see them incorporated into your beading! XOX