Moving Along

I was able to finish the beading on my august bjp yesterday, and get my seal piece moving again after a long period of waiting for it to 'speak' to me....so now the seal has some abalone fish to chase. I'm thinking more pearl bubbles are going to be added before it's done.
Today we're taking our friends on a little trip down the coast to do some agate hunting and a farmers market to visit...this afternoon we'll go to the gallery and see henry, the big fish made from washed ashore (and cleaned) plastics, as well as the other pieces in the show.


Carol said...

I've been hearing about and seeing so much about the show on the internet. Sounds like it will be a great trip and pretty cool to see in person.

Allegra Smith said...

Hello Bobbi dear, it sure sounds wonderful - all of it - and I wish I could come down and go to see it with you. Maybe in the near future, and bring some heat to share :) we have plenty of that right now. Take care and thank you so much for all the visits, I truly appreciate them.

Pat said...

The fish is wonderful as well as your seal. It does look like you were on a roll, having lots of fun making them.
Would you please tell us about your group that you make this for? I always like to see the motivation and it speak of making for bjp and it always tweaks my brain.

Janice said...

We had a wonderful time visiting you - it was a great combination of nature and manmade (well woman, actually) and good eats and talk.
Til next time ... xoxo

beadbabe49 said...

thanks so much for the feedback...I just wish everyone could actually see the exhibit...it's impossible to get even close to the full experience through just photos.

thanks, pat! see the following post for info about the bead journal project.

we loved seeing you two again, jan...already looking forward to your next visit!