The Hours

Yesterday I spent my two hours at the gallery adding a few more pearls and charlottes to my seal piece. I had thought it was almost finished, but as I worked, I saw I was going to be beading a few more hours yet.
Sometimes I wonder why this particular process and these particular materials are what I was led to work with, but I've never found an answer. I guess it's like asking why you fall in love with a certain person and not someone else...you just do it.


Carol said...

Hi Bobbi
The additional beading really makes this piece pop. I don't know why, but its very attention grabbing.

I ask the same creative process questions too, but never get answers.

Bobbi said...

Hi Bobbi, it was so good to see you today at my blog! Thanks so much for stopping in, gosh it's been a long time for sure!
Your piece is just gorgeous as always! I'm a big fan of yours and it's beautiful! I hope that you have a wonderful day!

Susan Gallacher-Turner and Michael Turner said...

What a beautiful piece this is...and I do so know what you mean about being led to work in a particular art form is, indeed, falling in love. You don't have to know why, it just is...thanks for the gentle reminder!

Penny said...

Beautiful thoughts to go along with a beautiful beaded piece. I think each person has a 'style' within them that if allowed comes out in its own way, almost without prompting from the artist.