Finally got our summer heat yesterday, although we had to go inland to the pow wow to find it!

I went out with some friends on our annual bead buying, indian taco eating, booth strolling trip to our yearlyl pow wow, the Nesika Illahee in siletz. We always go around noon, as that is when the vendors (beads and abalone especially!) open their booths and before any of the crowds arrive for the drumming and dancing which starts in the evening. This year I just got some more of the new metallic finish charlottes and topped up my stash of beading needles before having a great lunch of an indian taco...basicly a tostado on delicious indian fry bread...yum!
When I got home that afternoon, it was much cooler (whew!), so I sat outside and finished one of my pin/pendant pieces before heading off to the opening reception for the Washed Ashore exhibit. It was so crowded I didn't take any photos....the show is up through october, so I thought I'd take some photos when the gallery wasn't so crowded and you could actually see all the artwork. It's amazing and deserves a post all it's own soon!
Today is another annual event (pow wow weekend is always busy, but this year has outdone itself in busy-ness!)...a gathering of oregon beaders that a friend of ours hosts each year. It's a great day of greeting beading friends we rarely see, show & tells to amaze, communal beading and the best luncheon I eat all year! If I get permission, I'll see if I can get a few photos, but this is a private event, so may not happen. (edited to add: I got everyone's okay, so here's a quick photo of the first table with 5 of the beading buddies...there were 14 of us all together and it was great fun to bead with such talented and dedicated fellow beaders!)
And then tonight, it's dinner with a couple I have known since before my DH and I met, and who have been friends ever since. We all met in bellingham, washington and then we moved to oregon in the early 70's and they moved to california in the early 80's, I think. It's always so good to visit with them and catch up on what we've all been doing since our last visit.
So that's today....tomorrow we'll wing it with our friends and see what we all feel like doing. I think I may need a nap on monday, LOL!


Carol said...

Man!! You are a BUSY person!! I am too, but not for your kinda good stuff!! The beads are gorgeous.

We are supposed to have a cool front move through tonight bringing Tstorms and lower humidity and temp drop to 85.

I"ve been reading in the air. Susan told me about books mentioned on your blog so I'll have to go back to old posts to check them out.

Beadwright said...

Hi Bobbie glad you had a good time at pow wow and Washed Ashore. Yes we finally had two days of decent weather here as well. Cold now and the wind is in but nice to see the sun.
Hope you are well.

Pursuing Art... said...

I can't help but sit and smile!

What jam packed full of goodness schedule you are keeping, my friend! I laughed when you said you might need a nap on Monday...I think I would probably need a short snooze too. :)

Truly, what a wonderful and busy time you've been having. So glad that you were able to get together with your friends...what a special time for you all! XOX