I've been a bit restless lately...trying to practice taking it one day at a time...and it's easier to achieve that state some days and harder on other days. I find that making something (beaded, photographed, written) is very meditative and often helps to calm me down, but it doesn't work all the time. Probably nothing will work all the time, I just need to keep practicing...
So yesterday instead of getting any beadwork done, I found some old pieces...ones I'd finished but didn't want to pass along from some reason or another and some that hadn't been quite finished when I abandoned them.
I also went into the garden with my camera to look at some flowers and take a few photos to share. Sumi is making the most of the shade...it must get quite warm with her black fur soaking up the rays!
This week is filled with meetings with friends, art fairs and extra hours at the gallery and I will practice enjoying every second of it.

PS. Jane Dunnewold wrote an interesting post on creativity you might find helpful HERE.


Carol said...

Thanks for the link. The Time article was pretty much on it. I have said many times that I am not a very creative person because ideas don't just jump out onto whatever medium I am working with.

And kids and reading...I always buy my grandsons magazines about their favorite topics...from BMX biking to wrestling. I don't care if its not a novel. At least they are reading. As their world expands so will their interests and their reading material..

Love your flowers Bobbi. Take the day an hour at a time. Hope you have a fantastic day.

xx, Carol

Penny said...

Thanks for the link about the Time article - I had heard about it from a friend also. I sooo agree with the observation about 'passion'. I think that in order to let your full creativity out of the box you must have a passion - something that keeps your mind focused but stirring. So many people think that creativity is nothing but sitting around and thinking good thoughts - when it actually involves a lot of work (even though most of us call it play). Whoops, getting on my soapbox here huh?!!! *smile*

Pursuing Art... said...

I enjoyed the article a lot and could relate to so much of it...thank you for sharing.

Your lilies and hydrangea photos are beautiful...and Sumi looks so cozy in the shade.

Loved Carol's comment...take the day an hour at a time. Keep practicing dear heart! XOX