it's been so long since I posted, but last week I had a nasty reaction to some codeine I'd been prescribed and ended up flat out for about 24 hours and I wasn't up to much the next day either! My new rule...no more codeine, not even half a dose!
In between the nastiness, I've been working on a new class for our Surviving to Thriving group, enjoying the sunny afternoons on the porch (even a few handfulls of berries we managed to keep the deer away from!) and a senior recital done by the son of some friends, who is an awesome pianist for a young man just 18 years old! He played a piece by Chopin that had everyone riveted in their seats...awesome! The concert was being filmed by a local television station, which is why you see the videographer standing behind him.
Since I don't have any progress photos on my work, I thought I'd just add another shot of a veiw from yaquina head, where I often sit. It's the same place I took the surfer photo from but looking in another direction.


abeadlady said...

So glad you are better now. Medication can be good, but it can also knock you for a loop. Take care.

Carol said...

I used to take codeine for cramps. Have taken Vicodin to. I think I am immune to their back effects. I am glad you feel better and hope they determine a better med for you for pain.

Wow, your son is a pianist!! I ALWAYS admire anyone that can plan an instrument. I am so NOT musically inclined!! Can't carry a tune either!!

What a wonderful view you have of the ocean. My grandkids went to Florida last week and got to see the Atlantic. They stayed 3 day in Cocoa Beach and two in Gatinburg TN. They had a great time and brought me back a bottle of ocean water to taste! Yuck. They are so much fun.

Have a great day and glad you feel better.
xx, Carol

beadbabe49 said...

thanks, arline!

hi carol...the wonderful pianist is not my son, but the son of old friends...I'm also unable to play any instrument and wish I could, so watching this young man play so well looked kinda like magic to me, lol!

Penny said...

Whew! Glad you're over the codeine ordeal. The concert sounds wonderful, always a special treat when you know the performer.

Beadwright said...

Wow Bobbi so glad you are OK. That codine can be a real bad drug. I am home now and will be in Newport one day next week. I will let you know. Hey are you going to the Rock and Gem show in Reedsport this weekend?
Hope you are well

Purple Girl said...

when I was sick sick sick with shingles, I popped those like candy. now, no pain, they make me so sick. sorry they hit you too.

sure wish I were sitting next to you when you take this pictures. makes me long to be back in Newport.

gentle hug