Happily, the tsunami warning for our beaches was unnecessary, but it was interesting to see what a non-event it was. There were no warning signs on the beaches or anywhere else in town, so now I'm wondering what would happen if we really did have a tsunami? I hope we never find out.
While waiting for the non-event to happen, I was gallery sitting and beading and got another little pin/pendant started. Last piece before the next bjp and this time I don't even have the fabric yet. I'm thinking green will feature heavily, since many of our bushes and trees are already beginning to develop leaves, but beyond that it's all still up in the air.


Carol said...

Funny about the tsunami warning. I live in Northern Indiana and only know what I saw on the news. I understood that the tsunami warning for our West Coast was for currents that would form off the beaches. I got the impression they were not warning for waves to hit out West Coast, but possibly Hawaii and across the ocean. Glad it was a non-event for you.

BTW, Nice little pin you are working on.

Beadwright said...

Here in Florence, OR. we have a tsunami warning signal the last Friday of every month. I figure if I don't here the siren its ok. We do have a route planned in case it ever does happen.


Pam Aries said...

When I was driving up the coast last year ..I remember seeing Tsunami signs posted. I thought about all those darling litttle beac h communties! THe Oregon coast is incredible. Glad nothing happened !!!

beadbabe49 said...

Hi carol...the portland paper said the high water would probably be in the bays and harbors, but they're not always right, ya know, lol!

I wish we had something like that nicole...we also have our route planned but without a siren we may not be warned in time to evacuate.

thanks, pam!