February Blooms

This is the earliest blooming tree around town...at least the one I see the most as it's down on bay drive so I see it often throughout the year. I took the photos on tuesday...today it's raining cats and dogs again but warmish compared to the east coast!

Edited to add...and in the last half hour the storm has passed and I see blue sky again!


Carol said...

Wow, I won't see this sight in Northern Indiana until about April! I need to move!!
Have a great weekend, Bobbi.

beadbabe49 said...

thanks, carol!

Purple Girl said...

pretty!! when my hyacinths start to bloom, could you come up and take a bunch of pictures for me? not only are they pretty, they will smell wonderful.

we had the pouring rain/bright sun/pouring rain routine yesterday, too. what's up with that?

Terri said...

looks so warm!