Marketing or selling my work has never been my strong point but I am trying to learn how to be more effective, especially in such a tough time economically speaking.
I've had these pins in my etsy store for a while and I'm wondering if they would do better if they could be displayed on a shelf or hung when they weren't being worn...any opinions would be appreciated and I guarantee no salesmen/women will knock on your door or invade your computers, lol!
I also sat out on the sun porch this afternoon and did the first bit of beading I've done in almost a week! It felt good.


abeadlady said...

I like the idea of framing them. I've started using a finding that allows me to wear mine as a pin or a pendant. Makes it more versatile.


beadbabe49 said...

hi arline! yes, I use the pin/pendant back for some of the pieces but was trying to keep the cost down with these tiny ones...I may have to rethink that!

dreameyce said...

I'm the same way... I can make it, but can't sell it :) It sells its self, but I really envy, and look up to successful marketers :)

I've been doing pin/ornament combo pieces, and have been thinking about selling my pieces in a decorative frame (or offering one for sale) so people can display them pinned up instead. Same basic idea as this.

I know I personally like things with multiple uses, and figure some people may be willing to buy things with multiple purposes... but at the same point, I could loose those 'collectors', who buy many pieces of my work, so they can have it all-around :)

intergalacticrose said...

The pins are beautiful...I think the frame might be a bit distracting. Personally I think a more organic setting would suit them. Best of luck with marketing...things are tough out there!

Your sun room is amazing!!

Robin said...

It does appeal to me to show a piece of beading in a frame or shadowbox when it's not being worn. I think very plain, small black or painted wood frames might suit these pieces more. Marketing is and always has been my bugaboo... before you know it you can sink so much money into packaging/marketing, that your selling price is in the red. I hate that! Your sun porch is memorable and lush!!! Robin A.

beadbabe49 said...

thank you all so much for the feedback...just what I was hoping for from this post!

I love this porch so much...not least because although it was much too cold to sit outside this week, (even though it was sunny), on the porch it got up to 80 for a few hours each afternoon and I got lots of light therapy for my seasonal SAD!

Pursuing Art... said...

Your sun porch looks great and I can imagine the stream of sunshine shining in and feeling the warmth! It looks like such a cozy place to be and bead.

Hmmmm...I think the pin/pendant is the best option and more versatile. But, I know they aren't inexpensive either and that definitely adds to the price. I think a simple black or painted frame would be nice too! It might help in your pictures on Etsy to take a photo of it in a frame to show another way of enjoying the pin when it is not being worn...and maybe take a shot also of it hanging from a cord too. Would you be including the frame and/or cord? I think keeping the cost as low as possible is the best option but showing examples of how it can be used or enjoyed would be helpful to some. ~me

Magpie Sue said...

Making it possible for folks to disply your work in a frame when they're not wearing it seems like a very good idea. There is the added expense involved if you provide the frame yourself though. It's an infinite conundrum, isn't it, this marketing thing?