Assemblage and Altar

A dear friend gifted me with some type and ad. blocks from her family's collection and I've been looking for a type drawer ever since...yesterday I found one and got to spend a very happy afternoon arranging type and illustration blocks in the drawer. This will also give me easy access so I can start using some of them in my fiber work.
I'm also working on a Day of the Dead Altar (yeah, I know I'm either late or very early) for our friend darrell. I've also got a reliquary I'll be putting in it that will contain some of darrell's ashes and the 7 treasures of Buddhism. The list of 7 seems to vary depending on translations but the ones I have are on most of the lists...gold, silver, amber, coral, pearl, lapis lazuli and garnet...
So far I have the altar mostly covered with a soft gold metallic paper and I have a framed photo of darrell, a small buddha statue, abalone disk and the reliquary. I'm going to be adding some fine ribbon to the unfinished edges and a beaded curtain and a small skeleton and/or skull milagro. We've set the date for scattering his ashes next month and I want it to be finished by then.


Camilla La Mer-Art Dolls said...

I love your altar for Darrell...It is always the right time to create Day of the Dead altars! I used to have a celebration every year following my mother's death. Everyone brought photos and favorite things related to their loved ones. The first year, my friends honored my mother and me by performing something special...some sang, some read poetry...It was very beautiful. I look forward to seeing your completed altar! Thanks for sharing it. Love, Camilla

Mary Timme said...

I don't know what a reliquary is! Can you enlighten me.