The CyberFyber show opens today and Susan has outdone herself with a video tour of the gallery. Working in a gallery, I know how much work it is to just hang a show with so many pieces in it and then to add a video as well is just an added bonus. And when I think of all the work susan put into the show in the early stages...making all the postcards and ATC's to trade and then doing the actual trading and mailing and posting....WHEW...that gal is one hard worker!
I hope you all take a moment to check the show out (and maybe leave a comment?) and if there's any chance to make an actual visit, it would sure be worth it!


Mary Timme said...

I did check it out. Wow! That must have taken an eternity to hang and she did a good job with the video!

beadbabe49 said...

She did, didn't she, mary!

Pursuing Art... said...

She did a beautiful job...all the way around!!! I remember when she started the trading...I couldn't believe all the postcard & ATC's she made!