I'm off to visit my mom for a few days and there's no wifi at her house so probably won't be posting until I return....be good and don't mess the house up too much while I'm gone, eh?
(I'm hoping to bring back a couple of more give-a-ways for the OWOH, but am making no promises, lol!)


Mary Timme said...

I hope all goes well on your visit. I'll try to tidy up when I'm gone! :0!

Robin said...

Hope you're having a good visit and having time to get some beading done. I notice that you have 139 comments on your OWOH post... that's awesome.

Hugs, Robin A.

KV said...

Safe traveling, Bobbi -- you are going to have one heckuva pile of names for that giveaway!

Kathy V in NM

Pursuing Art... said...

I hope you have a good time away and safe travels! I'll talk to you soon! ~Lisa ;-)

erin said...

have a good trip!!