Everybody Has the (democratic) Blues, Yay!

I am still so happy, I'm tearing up everytime I read another joyous comment about our wonderful president elect!
I started a new piece...I'm calling it, Everybody Has the (democratic) Blues, in honor of the blue states and those who voted blue in the red ones. I expect to be adding some purple along the way to represent all of us coming together to make this country what it once was, and can be again...a land of liberty for all.
And tomorrow is my birthday....best damn birthday present I've ever had....thank you my fellow Americans!


KV said...

Sure feel a lot better today, Bobbi! It was our 25th wedding anniversary last night and we couldn't have celebrated it in a better way than to have this wonderful man elected.

Happy Birthday!!!!

Kathy V in NM

The Lone Beader said...

Happy Early Birthday!! And, I am so proud of my fellow Americans!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Hooray re the election. I was *almost* praying too. congrat on BMW - she looks great. and happy Birthday for tomorrow. i think you'll treasure your blue and purple for years to come

beadbabe49 said...

Nice way to celebrate your silver anniversary, kathy!

me too, lb...

I think you're right paula!

freebird said...

This will be a piece to remember just as this election will be. I agree it's a great present. I tried my darndest!

Robin said...

Yay!!! And let's hear it for purple... We need a world of purple! Thank you for this new interpretation for my fave color!

Happy birthday, dear friend... and may the year be filled with optimism and joy.

Hugs, Robin A.