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Well, I apparently sat still long enough for gypsy to tag me...I'll have to keep moving next time!

Okay...so 7 unknown facts about me...then tag 7 friend/bloggers I'd like to know more about and link to them all....that's a toughie since I've seen this meme all over and most of my tagees have already been tagged by others!
But here goes....

Tracey of A Beadiful Mess
Lisa of Pursuing Art...Life and Dreams
Susan of Bead Inspired
Helene of Le nid de Colibri
Julie of Jules Beads
Denise of Bits of Beads and Fiber
Heidi of Heidi Beads and More

And seven unknown facts....hmmmmm

1. When I got too short to be on the track team (actually, I didn't shrink, but I did stop growing at 5'2" and got overrun and outjumped by the 5'8 gals) I joined the gymnastics team in HS and specialized on the vault....I still got to run and jump, with a few nifty moves at the end, lol!

2. I dropped out of college to follow the love of my life to Oregon...my folks were not happy and predicted dire consequences.

3. A year later we took a 2 month trip to Mexico...one we'd like to repeat someday.

4. After the mexico trip we came home, got married and moved to San Jose, CA.

5. After 9 months in San Jose, we moved back to portland and 9 months after coming home we had a darling baby boy.

6. Then I went back to college and got my degree.

7. We've been married almost 37 years (in december), our darling boy is 35 and that degree only qualified me for one job...the rest I've gotten because of skills I taught myself (like computer graphic design)....dire consequences indeed!

The photos are us in portland, mexico, portland with jaime, jaime, and chuck & I a couple of holidays ago...;)


Hélène H said...

The more I know you, the more I admire you, Beadbabe !

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading more about you. Arent you glad you didnt listen to your parents!!

abeadlady said...

I'm glad you stood still long enough for someone to tag you. Don't feel bad, I got it three times this week.


janeywan said...

I seem to remember when you posted this before. You added a photo of yourself. Cool
I love when I get to see the people I am friends with online.

freebird said...

Well maybe I ought to show the "short dress" picture I have on my meme that Arline was so kind to hit me with! LOL. Now, where is that picture...

A true love story, the best kind!

KV said...

Wonderful photos, Bobbi!

Kathy V in NM

The Lone Beader said...

Love the VW pics! :D

beadbabe49 said...

thank you, helene!

I am, paula!

wow...3 times, arline! I don't think you did 21 though...;)

did I, janet? another senior moment or that's the most daring thing I've ever done, lol!

would love to see some other 60's or 70's photos on your blog, freebird!

thanks, kathy!

I love the vw's too, diana, but my DH (the mechanic) didn't so much!

janeywan said...

Well maybe I was having a flash back or something, intuition, I swear I've seem the VW photo for sure.

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh Dear...you are too funny! I love hearing about the past! I enjoyed the photos you shared...especially the snap of you and Chuck...what a nice picture! Love the shot of you and Jaime too. Jean cut-off's? I had plenty of those and didn't we used to wear them short...me too!

I am working on seven things...hmmmmm!

xo ~me ;-)